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Cellphone is Ringing: It's Heather - With No Last Name

Updated on March 13, 2016

Harassing Phone Calls

This is a page about cellphone calls that you don't know if you should answer because you don't know who the number is from.

Nine times out of ten, I get calls from people that I have established as people I want to get calls from. One time out of ten, I get a phone call from an unknown number. This particular call occurred the other day. I had gotten a multitude of calls from this computer generated voice before and it is getting to be a daily or multi daily occurrence. I asked my husband about whether he has gotten them on his phone also, and he said yes.

We both just hang up on the voice, but, it takes time out of our day to listen to the ring tone, push the button and hear the Hello spiel.

My Cellphone Rang from an Unknown Number

The phone was ringing and I picked it up and answered it. It was from 516-206-1113.


Hello, this is Heather. I'm calling to tell you about your eligibility to lower your rates to 6.9 percent. This is your final notice.

Press 1 to speak to a Live Operator. Press 2 to discontinue receiving messages like this one.

I hung up.

Now Curious

I pushed my cellphone call list and redialed the number.

I got another computer generated voice that said something about if I wanted to be placed on a Do Not Call list for calls from this number I should press 1.

I hung up.

Heather is Saved to Contact List

I saved that number to my contact list and now, if Heather calls again, I will see how many times I get bothered by her computer generated voice.

Plus, we have a second cellphone. I wonder how many times that will also receive those calls.

Thanks but No Thanks

The worst thing you can do is participate in their little spiel. I did once. It completely messed with my credit because at that time, they charged your card with a $1500 charge, which you have to add to your current payments

It also gets added to a card with a balance, so they make interest on it for a long time before you pay down your first balance enough to get payments on it.

It's a total nightmare.

Don't Fall For It!!!

How About You?

Have you gotten calls from telemarketers like this one?

There are places to complain to, but I don't think that they are effective. The fact of the matter is, they use one number until it gets shut down and then, they start with a new number.


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