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Cenovus Energy Inc: Pioneering Online Advertising for Public Companies

Updated on June 11, 2014

Cenovus Energy Inc.

Let's start by watching this video:

If you took the chance to watch the clip above you’ve probably just engaged with societies understanding of the characters involved in the oil industry. If you didn’t bother to watch the clip – I’ve got you covered. Picture this: Soul-less, white, Anglo-Saxon capitalist sucks oil right from under small hearty American community’s nose, bankrupting the small community and leaving a black fume of noxious toxins in his wake.

Soul-less, white, Anglo-Saxon: thrilled. Small hearty community: devastated.

Sounds pretty condemning right? Well, one oil company based out of Alberta is trying to rattle this stereotype for good by highlighting the compelling merits of the oil and gas industry. Cenovus Energy’s advertising mission statement reads as follows:

“Our advertising, which provides information about the oil sands and the value oil and natural gas bring to our lives, is shown on television and in movie theatres across the country, and in a variety of Canadian consumer magazines.”

Controversy aside; I’m here today to applaud Cenovus Energy’s expert use of Digital Advertising to further its agendas. It’s a well-known fact that the day and age of adhering to traditional means of generating “buzz” for publically traded companies is over. Despite this reality and the seemingly bleak condition of the North American stock markets, surprisingly few companies have ventured so far as to develop a digital marketing strategy. Cenovus on the other hand has broken the mold and transitioned reasonably successfully into the digital sphere and if nothing less, has demonstrated that developing an online presence is a profitable venture for public and private companies alike.

Cenovus Energy has a few advertising streams they use to achieve the mission outlined above. Through witty video-advertisements like the one featured below, energizing and approachable Social Media posts and down-to-earth factual articles about the challenges facing the oil and gas industry, Cenovus generates interaction and internet buzz surrounding their company. The online attention they attract isn’t always flattering and raises some pretty hair-raising questions, nevertheless, they’ve positioned themselves as a corporation that is at the center of the debate. And when it’s a debate that millions of people feel passionately about – the center is a very lucrative position to find yourself.

The five streams they have carved out for themselves include:

Ignition ads which “focuses on how oil keeps our economy moving – transporting people, goods and services around the globe”.

Rising to the Challenges ads which “speaks to why getting the oil out of the oil sands is so challenging”.

Canadian Ideas At Work ads which “salutes Canadian conviction, innovation, tenacity and the determination we have as a people”.

Different oil sands ads “which shows an aerial view of our Foster Creek project, illustrates what a typical drilling project in the oil sands looks like”.

More than fuel ads “which focus on the value oil and natural gas bring to our lives. From everyday products like detergent, glue and earplugs, to innovative advancements such as artificial limbs. Discover the connection”.

With a rapidly growing internet presence featuring nearly 3000 facebook fans, a third of whom interact regularly with their posts, 11 000 twitter followers and a whopping 43 000 followers on LinkedIn one can’t help but wonder whether or not these stats have played a part in growing their stable and rising share price.

Want to observe for yourself?

Follow Cenovus on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube

Cenovus Energy Inc. Latest Public Sentiment Video

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