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Challenge: Bucket full of...

Updated on March 8, 2015

Saving a coin type out of your change each month soon adds up, did you know that?

This is all about perseverance. If you save every coin you get without spending them i.e a penny or a cent from the change you receive, i.e you get milk and receive 4 cents among dimes and other coins, then you save all the cent coins. Then you will see that it will mount up and be a viable saving scheme to continue.

I remember doing this with pound coins in the month of November and I could not believe my eyes with how much I used to spend on things, I neither could see or use again. I mean how much do you reckon I saved?

Soon adds up

Bucketful of pennies - deep impact
Bucketful of pennies - deep impact | Source

Wow really with just one coin type?

Yes with just this one coin type I have saved an amazing 350 pound coins and it paid for my Christmas. This yeah I am nominating you all to do this starting from the lowest amount of currency in your country and work your way up. Each and every month save just that one coin or note, but if you find you cannot afford it then half it say, every other 2. This way you will not only be able to afford it but better still, you will be saving up a nice sum of money.

Uncle Sam I Want You

Uncle Sam wants you!
Uncle Sam wants you! | Source

I Nominate You!

So American people can start saving a nice dollar bill each and every time they get one in the change they receive in the month, if they didn't want to start at just a cent. People in the United Kingdom can start with a Pound coin if they didn't want to start at a penny. All I say is, if people can save more then we will all be less stressed with money and be able to treat ourselves and/or others.


The ALS is what Stephen Hawking has and most people only live for 3 to 4 years. Yet he is still living now after 50 years of having ALS.

The Ice Bucket ALS Challenge worked, so why not try this one and donate 10 percent of what you save to a charity of your choice?

The choice is yours but if you manage to save at least 10 percent of your income then ain't that something? They say to have at least 3 months worth of savings for your rainy day fund. So why not start now before you get to that rainy day and struggle? My rainy day fund is going to be something I work towards and also saving to pay for my wedding.

Stephen Hawking - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Viral help?

This challenge went viral and managed to raise over $98.2m just by letting social media take on a nominating frenzy. Incredibly your Bucket full of pennies can also be affected. Lets say it won't be as fun or as revealing as the Ice bucket challenge was in some videos. But this one doesn't waste water and it does impress people with the amount you actually save when you don't spend on things you don't see or need..

Grab the bucket.

My Charity Boxes ~ Pack Of 5 ~ Street Collection Bucket (Blue)
My Charity Boxes ~ Pack Of 5 ~ Street Collection Bucket (Blue)

The Bucket I would use is a Charity bucket you can buy on Amazon. Just because you can just throw your money into the slot and not see all the coins add up, getting this influential image out of the way is key to not breaking into the savings you're making.


Will power!!

The Importance of willpower is to say no when it comes to wanting to spend it. You also need willpower to say no to spend just so you can save. I mean lets be frank about it, you could either save the pounds in the whole £5 note in my case, or you can just get the things u need and if you have pound coins in your change then save them.

Which ever method you choose to use is up to you but at the end the results you will find staggering. If you think you can beat it then try again next month and set a target and a reward for hitting it. My reward is getting married by using this money.

Essential savings

(click column header to sort results)
Change from £5  
pound coins saved:  
amount saved from a month  
6 Eggs
Total: £52


If you feel that this is not for you but you feel impressed by the feature of this challenge you could always donate a Penny , pound coin or Dollar note to help complete this challenge.

Thank you for reading a hub that is close to my heart. Don't forget to comment if you have been moved or just want to root for me.

Pound coin


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