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Change name to avoid debt

Updated on December 1, 2009

Change your Name to clear debt

Some people with outstanding debt often ask - If I change my name, will my creditors find me? The reply is - not always. It would depend on certain factors. Here are the actions you need to take to change your name and clear debts:

1. Change your name without informing the electoral office or anybody. Do not make the mistake of changing your name through a deed poll, public notice or statutory declaration otherwise you will be easily traced.

2. Leave for a new place, preferably different state.

3. Trash all the documents bearing your former name or details including passport, SSC and driving license. Do not use ATM card or check. Do not use your former name or email id online.

4. Find a job. You will be paid in cash. You would perhaps be underpaid without a SSN. Find an accommodation in a suburban colony. Do not disclose your former identity to anyone.

5. Build credit history with local creditors for the future. Use prepaid master card. Do not approach a bank.

6. Start your own business for better earnings.

7. After five years, apply for a Certificate of Naturalization. In the UK, one has to wait for a period of six years. If you get married to a citizen, then you can get this after three years of marriage in the UK as well as in the US.

Tips & Warning:

If you were to go into a bank to open an account they will normally ask for a copy of your Driving License or Passport. This is then sent to the head office. If they check your details, the photo will be matching your last one. So please be warned as this will cause a fraud on a Credit File. It will automatically link you to your old name.

Having changed one's name without informing the electoral office and living in a different state without a Social Security Number or any such document is perhaps the best way to clear a debt without paying up. A person can easily live in any state of US without a Social Security Number or driving license. He can get a job though there are chances of being underpaid. One can also find an accommodation. One can also get credit from local creditors. Even without a SSN, people get some benefits. A great way to live and earn without a SSN is to run a business.

In the US:

Firstly, Credit Search companies cannot see that you have changed your name unless you have told the Electoral Office about it. National Insurance Number does not change. Date of Birth cannot be changed too, but this cannot be tracked down. The Works & Pensions Department or any such authority is not allowed to give this information to the creditors on account of privacy policies. However, creditors can get your new name from the Electoral office if you have been there. Secondly, your SSN remains the same. So in order to avoid trouble, you need to trash all your previous documents including passport, driving license, etc. Move to a new place preferably a new state. Find a job and an accommodation. Be prepared to be underpaid without a SSN. Do not perform any job (particularly online) with your former name, email id, address, etc. Do not make the mistake of performing any transactions from your old account.

It would be safer to take credit from local/private creditors. You can also start your own small business in the new community. After five years, one can apply for the Certificate of Naturalization and a Passport. It is very important to maintain good records at work, credit and society during this time.

In the UK:

Debt collection laws have become stringent in the UK after so many debt escapes. The UK has reciprocal agreements with many countries regarding debtor trace. Creditors sometimes employ the method of selling debts to debt collection agencies in the country or place where they suspect the debtor lives. Changing your name is simple in the UK, but running away from debt is difficult. It is a bad idea to approach a bank. Yet many people have got away by being cautious and systematic in their approach. Some have moved to a different county while many have even moved out of the country. However, following the above mentioned steps is the best way to change name and clear your debt.


There is always an element of risk if you are careless and do not follow all the steps. If traced, you will be accused of both theft and fraud. A creditor has a period of six years from the last time a person acknowledged a debt to use the legal system to recover money. However, if a creditor has taken legal action on an account, the debt can be legally recoverable indefinitely. This means that someone could start a new life abroad and work hard to accumulate assets only to get traced by the creditor one day.


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    • profile image

      chud 16 months ago

      hi andy,

      which online service did you use to change your name?

      did you get the new name sent to your current address or did you already have a new address so as to never link the new name to your old address?

      thank you.

    • profile image

      john 20 months ago

      hey andy thanks.

      i need to stay at my current address for a little while, what about if i went bankrupt to keep debt collectors from me while im here, but then when i get a new address change my name and do the rest, would the bankruptcy change anything as far as me disappearing from my old name and accounts?

    • profile image

      ANDY GREY for ever a gangster 20 months ago

      yes uk credit does not work on ni numbers thats USA

      in uk all debt all bills are via a name DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR NI NUMBER TO ANYONE BUT YOUR EMPLOYER


      i am posoting here via a hacked wifi link i cover my ass always i live in the channel islands not the uk and i have tax free savings accounts

      iv beaten the CSA the uk govermant over and over i didnt ask to live like this THEY DID IT

      people died in ww2 for are freedom now men kill themselves over the csa

      wake up and be free

    • profile image

      john 21 months ago

      hi andy, or anyone else who can help with this question.

      how can you get all the new id and bank accounts, license, credit cards, phone contracts, etc, without ever giving a NI number? is that not a mandatory piece or information all those things need? especially when changing name on the deed poll, do you not have to put it on there?

      thank you.

    • profile image

      Ben jones 21 months ago

      Dont change any old accounts to new names..start all new

    • profile image

      Mat 21 months ago

      Hi everyone, hopefully someone can help me, if I change my name, how do I ensure that I don't link old name to new name? If asked I'll say no previous names, but just want to check if there's anything else I need to do.

    • profile image

      Ben jones 23 months ago

      Hi andy ..i have followed all ymy r advice, and so far so good..all seems to be working ...i have managed to get credit card (aqua) bank accounts etc....but my credit scoor is howing as very poor in my new name...any ideas how long it will take to improve that and what i can do to get it higher?

    • profile image

      Ella 2 years ago


      Hopefully I can get some answers in this website.

      I am 24 yr old, have been in the UK for almost 3 years. Up to last year my credit score was good. Had a few credit accounts, all totalling around 1500. Very small amount. Last year broke up with my fiancé, he was abusive. Had an outstanding 200 pounds on a store card that I completely forgot about as I moved out. Last time I checked my experian score was 820. Two months later I had some financial issues and missed two payments on my credit card. The store card I forgot about came back to haunt me and it has been defaulted. All factors combined thrashed my score. Now is only 120 out of 999. And obviously not able to get a mortgage for about 6 years because of the default. See my score was young so was affected badly.

      I am about to get married in a couple of months. If I change not only my surname after my husbands, but the first name as well would I be able to build a new individual with a new credit file.

      We will be living at an address that is not linked to old me. I intend to get a prepaid master card and he will give me shares to his business, which is offshore. Then I will in a couple of months open a basic bank account with new passport. It would take me less to build up the score than to wait for the default to go away. This way 2 or three years time and I could get a mortgage.

      I have paid off all the debts, there is nothing outstanding. I am not trying to run away for such a small amount.

      The problem is the default that will stop me from getting a mortgage for at least 6 years. Also if there are no creditors chasing me better the chances of starting with a new credit file.

      My only concern is the national insurance number. Can that link the default to the new identity? I know credit searches in UK are done by name so if there is a new name, new address will I be able to build it.

      I do not have a driving license, the only documents I have are passport and birth certificate and of course national insurance number.

      When I moved to UK from a different country took me just over one year to build a credit score of 800. That's why I am thinking now to do this

      Thank you

    • profile image

      Sean 2 years ago

      Hey guys not been on here for a while ....hope ur all doing well

    • profile image

      andy.... 2 years ago

      hello all,im still in the channel islands with many ID's i have just obtained a channel islands licence and passport in YET AGAIN ANOTHER DEED POLL NAME CHANGE....

      i have passed both a full disclosure DBS check and a local channel islands police check NOTHING HAS COME UP NO ARRESTS NO CHARGES NO LONG STANDING WARRENT...

      i now have a brand new bank account to.. WHEN ASKED EVER BEEN KNOWN by another name ANSWER NO

      ever changed name by deed poll answer NO

      i have now established a new id a new credit rating and no info linked to the uk or N.I. number

      i pay tax with a channel iskands tax code not uk

      i have never payed csa i have never payed debts never payed council tax never payed tv licence

      i have been thru hell EX PARTNER GAMBLING and my kids lives destroyed...

      i have used my free mind free soul and UNDERSTANDING OF I.D BIRTH CERTIFICATE etc to change my id many times...


      CSA lol fuck off uk goverment CSA IS FRAUD....

    • profile image

      JimboNagasaki 2 years ago

      Hi Sean,

      If you're still around I'd be really pleased to hear from you at

      I have begun the process of re-identifying myself but have a few questions and don't want to slip up.

      Thanks Jamie

    • profile image

      john 2 years ago

    • profile image

      Sean 2 years ago

      John , whats yr e mail ill explain what i did

    • profile image

      john 2 years ago

      hi sean and cheryl,

      are you two still here?

      sean, how did your get a passport in your new name? what were the steps?

      cheryl, when you put your old ni number with your new name, didnt the two get linked together?

      thank you,


    • profile image

      Lyn blues 2 years ago

      I would like to start fresh iam divorced still got x husband name iam in lot of det 20k. I need to chang name can you help me i own my house with a nother patner thank you John

    • profile image

      Sean0161 2 years ago

      Hi john...thats the only thing i havent done yet , because i dont ant to be connected to my old name so held off doing it

    • profile image

      john 2 years ago

      hi cheryl,

      ive been reading what you have been saying, i have a question, so you put your old national insurance number with your new name on the electoral role? didnt that connect you to your old identity? the national insurance number is connected to your original name so what happened about all that?

      thank you,


    • profile image

      Sean0161 2 years ago

      Thanks ...ive emailed you

    • profile image

      cheryl 2 years ago

      Hi Sean

      my email is

    • profile image

      cheryl 2 years ago

      Hi Sean

      It only seems like the two of us who will be keeping this thread alive lol..

      That's good glad to hear your getting things sorted.

      I changed my name last yr April, then all my other documents e.g passport, license etc. I moved into my new property in the July of last yr then I had to wait for my new name to be present on elec role which took until December last yr to show up on my cred file = 5 months. I applied for a current account in the October of last yr even though my name wasn't on elec role yet and the bank accepted me for a current and savings account, I just took my driving license into the branch along with a utility bill and they was fine with those documents. November of last yr so literally a month after I applied for the bank account, I decided to try for a phone contract with three and I was accepted but had to pay an upfront cost which was ok by me then my phone came.

      So just with having the bank account and contract can help you build a credit history providing you pay ontime which I do, I never miss a payment on anything. April this yr I thought I'd try for a credit card to help boost up my credit score and history a lil more and I was accepted so my card came last week so I'm getting there. The Apr is 59.9% which is quite steep but It will only be used for emergencies and then paid off in full each month to keep my credit file in good standing. I wont be applying for anymore credit this yr because too many applications and searches will have a negative impact on the credit report so I'll be laying low for about a year and I might decide to apply for a better credit card through my own bank with a much lower Apr.

      I hope this helps and if you need anymore info then you can email me I'd be happy to help

    • profile image

      Sean 2 years ago

      Can we e mail please i have a few questions really appreciate ur help

    • profile image

      Sean 2 years ago

      Thank you so much for getting back to me , i have been checking regularly. I am just at the changing process at the moment .....i am at the passport office on monday . Once i get the passport i can get the bank account as i have applied and been accepted online for a bank account , they just want id , passport and a bill in my name which is fine.....

      How long did it take for y to be able to get credit after your name change etc x

    • profile image

      cheryl 2 years ago

      Everything I have on credit is in my new name at my new address.

      Sean how is it going for you now, have you managed to sort anything out?

      It's a shame these things have to be done but if it will help anyone for the better financially then I'd advise anyone to do it. It's not nice being in debt and not being able to get anything on credit.

    • profile image

      cheryl 2 years ago

      I had to change my name with the Dwp because I claim benefits at the moment. I put my new name and national insurance on the elec role form, they then have to confirm it with Dwp and after the checks it was ok. On the elec form it asks you "have you changed your name in the last 3 years?" Obviously I said no, if I had of said yes then I'd be stuffed now because then it would be on my credit files under "previous names".

      I have access to all my credit reports and everything is ok.

    • profile image

      Sean 2 years ago

      Cheryl please can u help me ?

    • profile image

      Sean 2 years ago

      What i mean is how can you get on the electoral roll without ya national insurance number ??. As you need to be on the electoral roll to get a bank account ?.

    • profile image

      Sean 2 years ago

      Do y notify national insurance of the name change or will that cause a link up to old identity

    • profile image

      cheryl 2 years ago

      I changed my whole name last year, first and last name. I had to flee from where i was to go into refuge. Was in refuge for 12 months so i changed my name whilst i was in there.. Was 20k in debt and wasn't going to suffer anymore so i did it to help my situation and it seems to be going my way so far.

      after i moved into my new address in new city that's when i put my new name on elec role. Applied for new license, passport and even got offered a new current account with a new bank ( had basic account in old name) just recently applied for a contract phone and i got that so it can work, as long as you don't link your old name and address with elec role ppl, they always ask for a previous address but because i was living in refuge i gave that as my previous address so now my new name is on elec role at new property.. brand new build property.. i was first to move in so quite blessed so far but whos to say it will stay blessed forever.

    • profile image

      ANDY GREY 3 years ago

      regarding home office i think yes they can link it but how good there records are i don't know

      so say you had a drugs confiction and wanted to holiday in the usa with your family say go to disney land or something and deep polled to change ID

      it MAY OR MAYNOT be on record and usa airport may still find it and not let you in,im just not shore on the home office bit

      it works with banks police baliffs etc etc etc NEVER PROVEIDE ANY AGENCY WITH NI NUMBER ONLY YOUR NAME then you are free to change it and disapear at WILL

      i am now outside the uk and will never pay csa my youngest child is almost an adult now so soon there will be no reason for me not to be inside the uk NOT THAT IM GOING BACK EVER only to visit yes but i cannot see me returning to live

      iv beaten police government and banks all my life this new secouity checking based on terrorism is ALL BULLSHIT there trying to trap you in a a SYSTEM iv also never had a tv licence etc etc

    • profile image

      Alan231 3 years ago

      Hello andy,

      I have debt issues Nd theyvare not alot but i would like to start fresh again. I was young and made mistakes and ruined my credit scoring.

      I want to build again!

      I have read all the comments and understand them.

      I am british!

      I have contacted the deeppoll to change my name. I have such a long name too!

      The question i have for you is,

      1)If i change my name and address but keep the same D.O.B , Can i register electrol roll and not bekng linked with my old name?

      2) Can i tell HMRC or N.I people about my new name?

      3) After if i change my name and notified the passport office + DVLA about this but not being honest with banks, i mean where is says if i have changed my name and i say NO. Would this count as fraud?

      4) Can i open bank account with my new name with banks which i owe them with my previous name?

      5) if apply for mortgae in future and not say anything about my name will i be in trouble? Like losing home?

      Thank you very much!


    • profile image

      Steven 3 years ago

      Hi Andy can NI link new names to old ones after deed poll by asking home office?

    • liesl5858 profile image

      Linda Bryen 3 years ago from United Kingdom

      I don't think I want to do something like this. I did the right thing paying off my debt in my own honest way and now I have no more worries. It was not easy but it was done and am free of the worries.

    • profile image

      LILO 4 years ago

      Andy your damn right a ducking genius!

    • profile image

      andy grey BULLSHIT corp fiction 4 years ago

      hi all its andy again if anyone ever visits the web page

      i have been scammed by the CSA for child support the mother already stole 50k from myself and my now dead mother

      theres a document stating she will never claim csa as she addmitted to having this 50k and its effectivly a child suport credit of 50k she then made the claim TO FUND HER GAMLING ADDICTION WHILST ABUSING KY KIDS ALL COVERED UP BY THE SYSTEM



      iv met a women boen and bred in GUERNSEY IN THE CHANNEL ISLANDS she has local staus card for the channel islands

      so we have moved there THE CSA HAVE NO POWER THERE ITS OUTSIDE THE UK

      so i attended the magistrates giggled at thyem told them il never pay and walked onto a ferrie to Guernsey iv changed my name by depol and started a new life WITH 4 IDs in the channel islands

      im a fucking genius

    • profile image

      andy 5 years ago

      i am heavily involved in the freeman movment of england you are said name of said family and you can change that name wen ever u wish the system asks MR NAME -SURNAME TO ATTEND COURT RIGHT

      you are not a MR you are not a list of CAPITAL LETTERS Athat is companys and ships not flesh and bone man you are a man or a wo-man you and the titles they give you-us are separate things WAKE UP TO NWO AND SATANS SCAM you are not a vessel your a body and soul why do you think they call it a dock in court because itsvthe law of the water comerce not the land and man as soon as you realise this YOUR FREE

    • profile image

      andy 5 years ago

      i havnt been on here in a while simply apply for a bank account in new name with passport as id and don't mention old name STOP COMPLICATING THINGS

      the depoll works on this rule the person who changed there name has to inform of that change

      so inform ni system inform dvla inform passport office

      do not inform police city council or financial system keep them out the loop just obtain bank accounts in new name as if you had never chnaged it

      its simple they only know what you tell them INFORMATION AGE PEOPLE don't give them the info that removes there power

    • profile image

      Emporium 5 years ago

      Any one had any luck yet has still wanting more information???

    • Sundaymoments profile image

      Matthew Dawson 5 years ago from United States

      What a great hub... Very detailed and well laid out. Very impressed with this article. Voted up and awesome.


    • profile image

      Emporium 5 years ago

      Lachat please email me mate I have more questions to ask


    • profile image

      number12 5 years ago

      lachat can you please message me i have further questions, thank you

    • profile image

      jd 5 years ago

      hi there lachat can you please message me i have further questions, thankyou

    • profile image

      Lilo 5 years ago

      Seriously andy where have you gone?? Have you been banned off this forum?? Come back as someone else please??

    • profile image

      Lilo 5 years ago

      Andyyyyyy where are ya!?

    • profile image

      lachat 5 years ago

      Ok it is too simple name dob and adress are linked, new name same dob at the same adress and you will get a cifas listed on your credit file.

      The simple solution.

      1. Rent a property

      2. Open a bank account any name old or new it does not mater.

      3. Your dob must remain the same.

      4. Do not declare your last adress ever or they will link it. Say you were in Spain and have recenly returned.

      If you change your name by deedpoll and then open a bank at the same adress with dob they will link it.

      There are hundrens of people who share your name and dob never use a real persons details as this is id theft, but you can use several names at the same time as long as you do not intend to commit fraud.

      I could open several accounts with the same name at different adresses thoughout the UK and gain credit as long as they are not linked you will be fine. NI can link the name say just be carefull.

      I am aware of current loopholes to get new id passport ect ect that is completely not linked to anything no deedpoll it trully shocks be that anyone can gain a passport with ease in several countries though certain loopholes. Jackal Fraud no longer works but I know other loopholes that I would not declare on an open forum.

    • profile image

      Simon 5 years ago

      Hi Andy,

      I am trying to avoid going bankrupt so if i follow those steps and change my name by deed poll and get a driving licence and passport how do i approach getting a bank account in the new name? i believe all banks do a credit check for a current account (in the UK) or would you recommend just getting a basic bank account which doesn't need a credit check? i'm just worried that a credit check would link me to my old name.

    • profile image

      mega b 5 years ago

      reply that is ment to say lol , and the last two comments are for (andy gray)

    • profile image

      mega b 5 years ago

      ok gary iv done the lot, creditrating up at 816 in new name busines acounts ,but can i link my new name with my ni number ?for a mortgage ????repey asap please

    • profile image

      mega b 5 years ago

      ok andy ,iv got one for you , al my busines and banks and driver licanced is under new name ,credit score is 816 pretty good , can i tell the ni my new name ? i want hp on a new jeep and he wants payslips ?????

    • profile image

      Big A 5 years ago

      I owe 90 grand still have mortgage joint names came off electoral register told creditors not living their collection agencies sending court letters returning them back saying not at this address been over 18 months not caught as yet am looking for new identity but my job as a driver my employers they check my licence every six months how can i get around this.I planned to tell dvla lost licence but think it would look to criminal to then apply for new one in a different name as i could use both licences as and when also rented a flat in daughtrs name and planned to do the deed poll but daughter was reluctant to allow me any use of that address in case it caused her any criminal offence if i was caught.any ideas on how to get the new passport and licence in my circumstances

    • profile image

      Emporium 5 years ago

      So what your saying is change my name by deed poll then apply for new driving licence and passport and I can disappear from my debts and start a fresh... What about an adress ??

    • profile image

      andy grey uk 5 years ago

      you can apply in any name you wish its totally 100% legal to call ones self any name you like in uk law

      just don't go round telling them who you are SIMPLES YES !!!!

      i myself was born and registered in my mothers maiden name ,but i went to school and onto work in my dads name only my birth certificate and doctors records were in mums name national insurance card/number came thru in maiden name of my mum...

      i just wrote a letter to the tax man that i was infact using my dads surname and to have both surnames recorded no deed poll needed....

      i would travel abroad on the old fashioned 1 year passports yoy could get at local post office in my mums name

      but it got silly trying to flip flop between names so i deed polled to my dads name and then got a ten year passport it was doing this that OPENED MY EYES TO THE FACT ANYONE CAN CHANGE NAME AND DISAPPEAR from creditors or minor warrants of police and courts etc...

      i was arrested one night in a motor car long story short i was set up by police for all sorts of crap charges the only thing i was really guilty of was no insurance I WAS YOUNG AND DAFT

      they then told me csar was a ringer and they were aware of who rang the car (stolen car new id) then they started charging me for stolen wheels a stearing wheel bits and bobs in the boot of the car no mot no this no that IT WAS ALL CRAP THERE WASN'T ANYTHING STOLEN AT ALL i was just guilty of no insurance that's it

      as i sat there arrested in a fake name i did this just to piss them off , penny dropped they don't know me at all and now want my real name so i gave them my birth certificate name not my dads surname that my passport and driving license was in...

      and then sobbed saying i didn't have a license and was a learner driver

      they fell for it charged me for no mot no insurance no license and held back on the car being a ringer charge as thewy believed i had purchosed in good faith and wanted to check first

      i was looking at a driving ban and a short spell in prison

      but i had been charged in my old name i had never ever had a license in and my finger prints were never taken and i gave my mothers address not mine

      i never ever returned for bail never ever went to court and cops only ever went to my ,mothers house once looking for me she said i moved to holland from uk they never came back

      i just carried on living my life never ever facing those charges and never ever loosing my license that was 25 years ago iv been nicked a few times by the cops it never ever came up...

      you can still dothis to this day just remember they now take digital photos of you and check against the data base so DON'T GET NICKED AGAIN AFTER YOU DO IT

      the system is a lie so lie to it answer to GOD not the establishment

    • profile image

      koby 6 years ago

      I own about 40k in my married name and under other nationality but I am now british and use my maiden name on my new british passport.Can I apply for a bank account with different bank under my new name and new ID.

    • profile image

      andy grey in uk 7 years ago

      hhmmmmm WRONG all credit in the uk is name based....

      you simply change your name by deed poll DO NOT TELL ANY CREDITOR/BANK/FINANCE COMPANY OF CHANGE so just keep old name active and old name accounts move address apply for passport in new name change ur driving licence name do both by sending a deed poll with application PRESTO new name and do not inform bank system and police as far as there concerned your still the old you then after a while apply for small credit like a doorstep loan or small local money lender get cars regestered in new name start leaving little bits of data history in new name...presto ur now a totally new person as long as you don't LINK the old I.D to the new I.D there now different people as for passport photo that's CRAP as its a very low quality photo copy the cashier takes or even ur self if they ask for a copy if your paranoid about some computerised match goto a different bank simple

      this works for debt/ police warrents/ court warrents /unpayed fines EVEN CRIMINAL RECORDS CHECK ,as long as ur not on terror list or a warrant for say murder NO ONE CAN EVER TELL

      iv been beating the uk system for 20 years like this