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Charmin Coupons - Save on Toilet Paper

Updated on November 29, 2010

Charmin Coupons

Charmin is a popular toilet paper company that has been gracing consumer's homes since 1928. The company offers a quality and affordable product that has become a household favorite of millions of families across the world. Despite Charmin's reasonable prices, anyone who has purchased toilet paper on a consistent basis know of how expensive it can be. Fortunately there are many ways to save on Charmin toilet paper. The best way to do so is with the use of coupons. Using coupons when purchasing Charmin products can easily save you 20%-50%+ on your next purchase.

The following includes the best ways to find Charmin Coupons

The Charmin Main Website

One of the best ways to find Charmin coupons is to log on to their main website and click on the "Coupons and Offers" tab on the top of the page. Charmin will periodically update their website with coupon offers and promotions. Such coupons will vary in value but will generally save you 10%-30% on your next Charmin purchase. While you are on Charmin's website be sure to sign up for their e-mail promotion program. Registering your e-mail with them will allow them to periodically send you new coupons and valuable offers.

Coupons Through Coupon Websites

After checking out Charmin's main website consider checking out a few popular online coupon providers. These websites include a nearly endless listing of coupons for household products such as toilet paper. Using coupon websites couldn't be easier, log on to the website, conduct your coupon search, and print them up. Always remember to check the expiration date on the coupon before you attempt to redeem it. Occasionally coupon websites won't update their coupons and leave them up past their expiration. 

Requesting Charmin Coupons

Prepare an e-mail or letter and find the mailing address of Charmin's headquarters. This information can be found on the company's main website. Once you have their address or contact e-mail, write the company stating your interest in coupons and savings on their product. Charmin will be more than happy to issue you coupons they have set aside for customer requests. Also be sure to ask about rebates and other offers

More Ways To Find Charmin Coupons

Paper Charmin Coupons

Check your mail advertisements or newspaper advertisements for valuable paper coupons for Charmin products. You may also want to consider flipping through various magazines as well as coupon books. If you head down to your local store, you may get lucky and find packages of Charmin with coupons attached. These coupons are a great find and have been becoming more common with companies. 

Use Online Auctions

Coupons for Charmin products are available through online auctions. They won't cost over a dollar and will offer big savings on your next purchase. After making your purchase, wait for them to arrive, and redeem them for savings on your next purchase. Check back with Ebay frequently to find more coupons for items you are interested in. 

Ways To Save Without Charmin Coupons

- Check the clearance section in retail stores
- Opt for generic brands
- Purchase "value packs"
- Take advantage of specials and promotions


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