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Cheap Family Vacation Ideas

Updated on January 13, 2012
Cheap Family Vacations
Cheap Family Vacations | Source

The cost of a family vacation can add up quickly. Between airfare, hotel costs, and eating out, a simple vacation can end up costing several thousand dollars very quickly. Here are a few cheap family vacations tips our family has used to save money.

Travel During Out of Season Times
In general out of season times are good cheap family vacations. This is typically September through May. Places that cater to children and families will often give discounts for traveling during these timeframes. I saved thousands of dollars on a trip to Disney World by booking the vacation during October. They had deals on meals and rooms during that time. A big bonus was also that the lines for rides were not very long.

Staying With Relatives
On our most recent vacation, we spent most of our nights with relatives. This saved us several hundred dollars on hotel costs and since our relatives were nice enough to feed us, it saved us a bundle on restaurant costs as well. At almost each of the places we stayed we did things with our family members. Sometimes our relatives even paid for a restaurant meal for our family and for the events we did. It was a fun cheap family vacation that would have cost us at least $1,000 more if we had not stayed with our relatives. It also gave us extra time with different relatives that we would not have had otherwise.

Booking in Advance
We always book flights in advance when we travel and try to book our flights on the least expensive days. Mid-week travel is often cheaper than weekend travel so when possible, we try to book during the week. We also book flights at least a few months in advance of our trip. When we are planning cheap family vacations, we check websites for deals several months in advance of when we plan to travel. Once it looks like prices have hit a low, we book our flight.

Get Breakfast Included
We try to stay at hotels that include breakfast during our cheap family vacations. This way we can eat a good and full meal in the morning and then just snack lightly until dinner. It saves us the cost of at least one meal during each day of our trip. We have found that these hotels are often not more expensive or at least not much more than other hotels. This can be an especially good deal if you have a large family.


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    • DowntroddenInDC profile image

      DowntroddenInDC 6 years ago from Houston, TX

      A big time of year to travel out of the US is the week of Thanksgiving. Most people are trying to get in or around the US, that international flights go way down! I've done a lot of my visits to Europe over Thanksgiving and have gotten some incredible deals to all over!