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Cheap Female Car Insurance Guide

Updated on January 7, 2011

Finding the cheapest female car insurance in your state is not as difficult as it may seem.

Many women are concerned that a reduced fee means the provider they purchase a policy from will not cover certain eventualities.

While it is always best to properly read through the finer details of any policy, cheap does not necessarily, mean you will not receive quality service and a policy that pays out when you need it most.

Why Do Women Pay Less For Car Insurance?

There are several reasons women pay lower vehicle insurance rates.

Statistics have shown men are more likely to claim on a policy than women are, women are not as great a risk as men, and women generally accumulate less mileage.

This makes women's vehicle insurance far more lucrative for insurers and cheaper for you.  

How to Find the Cheapest Female Car Insurance

One convenient, cost-effective, and easy way to find cheap women car insurance is through a quote comparison website.

Customers simply input their details into the comparison website, which then conducts a search for the best available quotes from a multitude of insurers. Besides saving time, this method eliminates the need to fill out multiple forms and phone around for rates.

The comparison website will match your requirements with various brokers in your state and provide you with a basic overview of the policies available. You can look at a larger number of quotes in a shorter period of time.

The websites usually have simple navigation tools and helpful links that will assist you in finding a quote to fit your particular circumstances.

A benefit of using a comparison site is that Internet brokers are often able to offer potential customers discounts. This is a result of the high volume of business they generate through these sites.

However, you should always use several comparison sites, as each will obtain quotes from different companies. Ultimately, you want the best coverage at the lowest price.

What Are The Expected Savings?

The amount you manage to save on your insurance will depend on your individual requirements.

Keep in mind that a male with a similar profile to yours will end up paying more, which means you are essentially saving already. However, there are additional ways you can reduce your premiums even further. 

Each vehicle insurer works differently and every policy depends on the assessment the underwriter makes of your risk criteria. By reducing your risk criteria, you can effectively decrease the cost of your policy.

By parking your car in a safe area, fitting additional security, and avoiding driving penalties you can instantly reduce costs.

High end Versus Cheap Insurance

Purchasing a high-end policy will ensure you are fully covered, but this is not always possible for women working within budget restrictions.

While finding a cheaper comprehensive insurance policy may take a little more searching, it is possible. Factors you should look for when considering various policies include higher liability limits, the ability to add additional coverage at a later date, and lower deductibles.

Many companies will offer discount female car insurance to women who opt for full-coverage as opposed to a cheaper policy that only covers third party claims.

Always weigh up your options before committing to the cheapest female car insurance policy. You need to ensure you obtain the coverage you require for your specific circumstances.

Keep premiums as low as possible by keeping your insurance claim history as clean as possible. 


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