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Finding Cheap Gas Prices in the USA

Updated on November 18, 2019
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Angela is a business owner and blogger who is learning her way through the professional world.

Want to find the cheapest gas station in your area? Go to one of these awesome websites and compare the prices in your area.
Want to find the cheapest gas station in your area? Go to one of these awesome websites and compare the prices in your area. | Source

Top 4 Gas Comparing Websites

Finding cheap gas is a must-have in a society that travels an average of thirty miles to work each day; therefore, it is essential to know how to get the cheapest gas without having to go too far. Here is a list of the top four sites that will give insight and comparisons towards the local gas prices in any area of the United States, with a listing of their unique qualities: from providing directions to the nearest station to how to use less gas while driving.

Sky High Gas Prices

Stop paying these prices!
Stop paying these prices! | Source


Although specializes in selling new and used cars, they also have an informative feature that lists all the prices of gas in your city.


  • it is all the prices of gas in your city


  • A lot of point and clicking (first click the state, then county, then city, then zip code.
  • no zip code or city search
  • gives only the prices of the city or cities you select, and not prices in the surrounding areas
  • lacks ease of use
  • provides only a limited regional view

Although, as a gas checker, this site is limited, is still an excellent site. It contains a lot of great information and advice on loans, insurance, amongst other things. One of my favorite features is the loan calculator, which provides a rough idea of what the monthly payment will be on a particular loan amount and term.

Do Gas Prices Determine Where You Will Buy Your Gas?

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Gas Buddy: provides the average gas price in your state, as well as whether gas prices are rising, falling, or remaining the same. One of my favorite tools on this website is the ability to find out how much gas will cost you on your trip to anywhere.

The one limitation, which is the reason it only ranks number three on the list, is that when the city or zip code is input, it only shows you the gas stations in your zip code. It is nice to have the gas prices of surrounding areas, to make the best choice.

Another perk to this website is that it will give you the directions to the nearest gas station from your current location.

One of the best features is that it also offers a GasBuddy app for your Kindle or Kindle Fire.

Gas Pump

Some of these sites give great advice on how to use less gasoline.
Some of these sites give great advice on how to use less gasoline. | Source


AOL's Gas Pricing:

AOL's Gas Pricing is very straightforward. You can either input your city and state or your zip code; then, it will provide you with the gas prices in your area and the surrounding areas. Since it does not do it by exact address, it does not allow you to see which gas station is closest to you. Another feature that it lacks is that it does not provide you with a map to the gas station you would like to go, although you may click on a link that will redirect you to mapquest.

It made number two on the list because it includes excellent gas saving tips, as well as which vehicles offer the best gas mileage! The website is similar to, in that it includes listings of new and used cars across the US. You can search by make, zip code, style, or even your lifestyle.

Other great features include what the estimated cost of a particular repair on your vehicle would be and where you can go, as well as car safety advice and do-it-yourself tips.


MapQuest's Gas Pricing:

This website is rated number one because it has a great layout and provides a lot of great features.

MapQuest is the only site that will compare the gas prices in the area you input as well as all surrounding areas. It also gives you directions to the nearest station, just by inputting your current location. This site is ideal for road trips.

It is tied right into All you need to do is input your current address or position, and it will show you the cheapest gas price in your area, which ones are closest, as well as all of their competitors.

The website also tells you where in the US has the highest and lowest gas price. Right now, Memphis, Tennessee, has the lowest gas price at only $3.03, whereas the most expensive gas costs $5.76 in Death Valley, California, which is even more expensive than in Hawaii.

Another great feature is the gas calculator. It tells you how much gas is going to cost on a particular trip at any given price.

Gas saving websites are incredibly useful. It is a great idea to bookmark them on your phone, in case you ever need a low-cost gas station nearby. These four websites are just a few of my favorite websites that will help save money. All of these great sites have fantastic features and are worthy of being noted. Some may fit better for you than others, but as far as ease and thorough information, will give you what you need.

GasBuddy - App Review - Save Money On Gas

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