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Cheap Home Heating Options: How To Save Money And Stay Warm This Winter

Updated on November 05, 2010

4 Easy Tips You Can Do This Winter

There are many cheap ways to stay warm this winter. Heating your home can get expensive. Space heaters, electric blankets and curtains can all save you money on your heating oil. I will list cheap, yet effective tips to keep your home warm and also keep money in your pocket. No one likes to be cold and we could all use some extra cash, especially during the holiday season. These are my first hand experiences so I know they work.


Much of the heat in your home is lost through windows. Some through the window glass itself but mostly through the cracks and cold air getting in. Long before I saw plastic window kits at Walmart, inner city families have been doing it for years. The concept is pretty simple. Get a big plastic window-sized sheet and duct tape it on your windows. It's important to do this right the first time. My way of doing this is to make 2 layers. First I tape an inner layer very tight and clean. It takes some time cutting and it's well worth it in the long run. Then I would take a hair dryer and pass it over the plastic to "tighten" it. I would then repeat this step around the window border making a "bubble" if you will. I've been doing this for over 5 years, I know it works. If you are somewhat conscious of how your windows look, you can always get some Eclipse Blackout curtains. They help block out the light and also act as an insulator of heat . I mainly use the Eclipse curtains in the summer when I was working late night . They help keep my room nice and dark and give me some extra hours of sleep.  I've been using the Eclipse thermal curtains for years now. They work great for keeping out light.  For insulation, they work best in support of the plastic.  If you do not want to go the plastic route, curtain work to some extent.

Space Heaters

Electric space heaters are cheap and some of them do work effectively.  Electric space heaters are only meant to mid to small size rooms.  Electric heating can also be less expensive than gas heating especially if your home is not properly insulated.  I have tried them all. I've tried the small ceramic ones that blow warm air, the satellite looking death ray style, the ones that looks like a radiator.  Out of all the different types, the best style in my opinion are the oil filled space heaters pictured in this article.  They are quiet low powered but efficient.  They have big fins that heat up air in mass volume.  It works, try it.  The worst out of all the heaters are the little ceramic ones.  Ironically, they seem to sell the best since they are small.  I think people are fooled by their quality when they put their hands over the heating unit at Walmart.  In the cold winter, volume air heating is more important that concentration.

Winter Attire

It's important to realize that it takes less energy to heat yourself than heating an entire house. Dressing properly is important to keeping warm, even indoors. I understand that this is home, I'm not going to suggest that you wear your big winter coats sleeping (though I've done that before). There are lots of winter clothes that you can wear comfortably in your home and whiling sleeping. Layering is the key.

  • Sweatpants - Fairly light and keeps your legs warm.
  • Socks and/or Slippers - Most heat is lost through your head and feet. This is cheap and easy.
  • Thermals - Cheap light and keeps a skin tight cover. Very effective as a base layer.
  • Light Hoodies - Common cover for indoor and outdoor. Effective outer layer.

Pretty common sense here. Replace your thin PJ's with sweats.  Wear socks and thermals if you prefer.   Layer so you can eaily add and remove clothes comfortably.

Electric Blankets

You spend 8 hours a day in your bed.   Nearly 1/3rd of your life is spent sleeping.  I purchased a Sunbeam Full size electric blanket for $50 and it is money well spent.  I can turn down the thermostat 15 degrees lower and still sleep comfortable . What I do is layer my electric blanket and sandwich it between 2 other blankets.   I have a soft blanket covering me, then the electric blanket over it, and last, a thin insulating blanket to keep the heat in.  It is very effective. $50 well spent for something I'm going to be using during 1/3 of my winter.  If you only take one of my advice in this article, get an electric blanket.

Enjoy and Stay Warm!

Staying wam doesn't have to put a hole in your wallet.  These tips are effective.  Some are easier than others.   I have done them all and all will help you save money and stay warm this winter.  Being cold is a miserable feeling.  I hope my article has help you in some way.  Leave a comment if this article was helpful.  Anyone can leave a comment.

Do you have any tips for staying warm this winter? If so please share!

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    • profile image

      Renee 5 years ago

      Thank you for all your tips. I HATE being cold and stiff during winter months, and I don't want to blow a ton of money using my propane furnace this season. I've been searching & searching for good advice on a space heater. I'm going to follow your advice on the heater, electric blanket & window coverings. I'm so glad I found your posting!! Wishing you many happy - and warm - returns!

    • Set's All Set profile image

      Set's All Set 5 years ago from New England

      I'm glad you found my advice helpful Renee!

      Here's a tip with the window covers. Make sure it is air-tight so draft can't get in. Tape it with industrial duct tape. Use a blow-dryer to stretch and tighten the plastic cover. The push it in, lightly to check for air leaks. The purpose of the window cover is to block out the cold air and keep warm air in. If you are a pro like me, you can do dual layers and it will create a nice pocket of air. People don't realize that air is a great insulator.

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