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Cheap, inexpensive, homemade, Eco-friendly gift ideas for Christmas. Save time and money in Christmas shopping

Updated on May 12, 2012
Holiday gift ideas that costs little
Holiday gift ideas that costs little | Source

Cheap and inexpensive gift ideas

Giving gifts is a sign of love to our family and friends. Sometimes, it has also become a culture and tradition. In these times when the economy is not doing well, jobs are hard to find and living expenses are sky rocketing, giving gifts may become a burden, especially when it is just a tradition. If you are searching for tips to inexpensive gift ideas, I like to recommend an article by Lisa.

Gift basket ideas for Christmas
Gift basket ideas for Christmas | Source

Homemade inexpensive gift ideas for Christmas

Why to buy an expensive gift and charge on credit card, when you can make beautiful and cheap gifts at home. 'akirchner' has several money-saving ideas for homemade (or mostly) Christmas gifts. There are also several videos in her article about how to make a Christmas gift basket. What I liked the most is her ideas for family and kids gift baskets.

Cheap home decorations for Christmas

Beauty in simplicity. Decorating home for Chrismas need not have to be expensive. There are several ways you can make beautiful decorations in an inexpensive way. You probably have a lot of things around your house that could be used for decorations. Marye Audet, a stay at home mom of 8 has several cool ideas for decorating your home frugally. Read her article here

cheap home decorations
cheap home decorations | Source

Cheap Eco friendly Christmas gift ideas.

You can save our planet by purchasing an eco friendly gift for this Christmas. There are also several ways you can save money by giving an environment friendly gift. There are several gifts made from recyclable,re usable and nature materials. 'LRobbins' an avid traveler, hiker, scuba diver and animal lover share with you few Eco-friendly gifts for friends, family and colleagues.

Christmas shopping ideas

Christmas shopping is really time consuming and buying gifts for everyone in our list may empty our wallet. There are several creative ways to save time and money in Christmas shopping. Christmas doesn't have to be about the price of the gift or the number of gifts, it's about showing that you really thought about the other person.'joanwz' from Texas an 8 idea pack for saving time and money for Christmas. Read her article here

Under $10 gift ideas

There are plenty of low cost gifts which will not only be valued highly to the recipient but also appear to be worth more than they are. The most important thing about any gift is the message that it carries. 'ryankett', an efficient webmaster and ethical search engine optimizer has 10 suggestions for inexpensive under $10 gifts. He also has several interesting articles on gifts for grandpas, gifts for boss and even gift ideas for your pappies.


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