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Cheap cinema tickets in London

Updated on May 14, 2014

You can still find great cheap cinemas in London!

As movie theaters continue to increase their prices, there are still some great cinemas in London that offer very cheap cinema tickets. Given that going to the movies with your partner will usually cost you about £40 (2 tickets and snacks), it's very probable that most people don't go to the movies as often as they'd want to. Well, cheer up! How would you like to watch the latest blockbusters for £3.50? Here are some cinemas that screen everything from new releases to classic films, for very very competitive prices!


#1 Coronet (Tuesdays)

Coronet is an old, charming cinema, in a very central location. Located in the heart of Notting Hill, it has a long tradition of offering cheap cinema tickets every Tuesday for new releases for both of its screens! It is very atmospheric and even though it's old, the screen is large and the seats very comfortable. It also has a great vibe on Tuesdays, as young people from all over London fill up the place! This is not surprising, as prices are as low as they can get: all tickets cost £3.50! It is probably the most widely known cheap cinema in London. You can book tickets by phone as it gets very busy on Tuesdays!

More information: Coronet also offers £3.50 student tickets on Mondays and £4.50 tickets for weekday matinees (all age groups).

address: 103 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3LB

phone number: 020 7727 6705



#2 Genesis (Wednesdays)

Genesis is another great independent cinema in London, full of youthful energy! Located in Whitechapel, it is not too far to travel to, considering that you can watch new releases every Wednesday for £3.50 (all age groups)! It usually screens a variety of films, blockbusters, children's films, indies, classics. You are going to love the architecture of the building, the atmosphere of the place and the cool bar. On the downside the screens are quite small.

More information: Tickets for Studio 5 are more expensive. Also, Genesis offers £3.50 tickets on some Mondays as well! You can book tickets online, as it can get pretty busy on Wednesdays (£1 fee per booking).

address: 93-95 Mile End Road, Whitechapel, London, E1 4UJ



#3 Prince Charles

Most film addicts in London (myself included) will argue that Prince Charles is the coolest cinema in town! Located in Leicester square, as central as it gets, it has managed to keep its prices low and screen a very wide variety of movies. You are bound to find something you are dying to watch: an all night marathon of Indiana Jones movies, Grease sing-along, your favorite classic film for £1 or a new release for as little as £4! The list is endless and prices vary! Get an annual membership for £10 and enjoy everything this great cinema has to offer!

More information: Check out their website for films and prices, the list is always endless!

address: 7 Leicester Place, WC2H 7BY, London



#4 Barbican (Mondays)

Barbican is a multi-arts venue located in Central London and it is definitely worth a visit! Especially on Mondays, when you can watch films for just £6. It is a great deal for this modern, comfortable, state of the art venue! Whether you choose to watch a blockbuster or an art house film on one of its three screens, it is without doubt that Barbican will offer you a great night out! Don't forget to allow yourself some time to walk around the complex, admire its architecture and the large library (pop into the music section, where you may listen to some great live piano music).

More information: You have to book tickets online (60p booking fee applies).

address: Silk Street, London EC2Y 8DS



#5 Hackney Picturehouse (Mondays)

Beautiful building, four screens, cool bar-restaurant and lots of events! Hackney Picturehouse is one of the best places in the area! Even if you are not a local, it is worth traveling there on a Monday, when tickets cost just £6 (all age groups). Screen 1 always projects new releases and has a big screen and comfortable seats. The rest of the screens are smaller, but equally comfortable with great sound systems. The stylish bar-restaurant has great food and drinks, is affordable and, inevitably, very popular! Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, or go to the second floor cafe if you are looking for a more quiet place!

More information: If you are a local it's definitely worth buying the annual membership, which gives you even better discounts.

address: 270 Mare Street, London E8 1HE



#6 British Film Institute (Tuesdays)

If you live in London you are probably already familiar with the British Film Institute (BFI) and its long tradition of offering a limited amount of discount tickets on Tuesdays. The price has recently increased to £6, but it is still a good deal. BFI is a great venue, has modern state of the art rooms, big screens, comfortable seating and exceptional sound systems! As you'd expect, it projects a wide variety of films, including world cinema. Its outstanding location is one more reason you should definitely visit the BFI! Tickets go away very quickly, so it's recommended to book in advance.

More information: Try to discover the "Drawing Room", a tiny atmospheric bar hidden in the lounge!

address: Belvedere Road, South Bank, London SE1 8XT


And more...

The list is (unfortunately) not endless, but there are some more cheap cinemas in London!

Ritzy Brixton: £6.50 tickets on Mondays

PeckhamPlex: £4.99 tickets all day, every day

Riverside Studios: double bills (2 movies for 9.50)

ICA: £6.00 tickets on Tuesdays (limited)

Do you know any more?

These are all the cheap cinemas in London I am aware of! Being a huge movie fan, I have managed to keep watching films often, without paying the ridiculous prices of most Central London multiplexes, and it was all thanks to this list!

The cinemas I listed here, offer cheap tickets to all ages and year groups! There are more ways to find cheap movie tickets if you are eligible for student discounts, resident discounts or if you buy memberships!

If you know of more movie theaters with affordable prices, then please, let me know!


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