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Cheap or Free Ways to Have Fun

Updated on July 24, 2011

Fun can be expensive

Unfortunately, many fun things are very expensive. Sometimes they're too expensive and need to wait until later on, the economy is still bad after all. However, there are ways to have fun that are cheap or free. We all need to have fun sometime.


Public parks are a free place to go to have some fun, and many have paths for hiking on as well. But there are other ideas as well, such as arboretums. Many are free and are a great place to visit, particularly as a date. Going for a swim in a lake or hanging out on the beach, assuming you're near a nice one, is also great fun. A picnic is a great way to enhance visiting nature. You have to eat anyway! Might as well eat someplace nice. Grab a blanket and some sandwiches! After eating you can lay down and look for figures in the clouds.


Perhaps the opposite of the first tip, the internet has many free or cheat games to play. Even if you aren't the geeky type there simply is a game or Facebook app for anyone. Video games with high replay value are perfect, especially if they're free. There are many websites that host free simple games or remakes of board games for those less adventurous. But beyond games there are many things technology can offer you for entertainment. Such as cheap or free movies and tv shows, free books or articles to read, opportunities to learn new skills, all sorts of things. Lastly, I wouldn't call doing to a library a lot of fun, but there are some libraries that rent out movies, this way you can get a free movie to watch.

Going out (but not to nature)

Regular movie theaters can be very expensive, you may want to check what's showing in the discount theater. If you missed seeing a movie you wanted to see, it may be available at the discount theater. Furthermore, almost every restaurant has many deals for things such as what day it is. It may be worth it to check out what the deals are at the restaurants you like and perhaps you can visit them when those deals are on. Museums can also be very cheap and a legitimate date if you both like that type of museum.

Historical Sites or Other Tourist Attractions:

Almost everywhere has some historical location around that is free or cheap to visit and can be interesting. Even if there isn't any history, there is bound to be some tourist trap around that you can visit. Many are cheap or free and make their money on donations or overpriced food.


Books maybe aren't the most exciting, but many people do find them entertaining. However, many libraries offer free or cheap movie rentals. This was a personal favorite of mine for a while as I would go to the library and grab a DVD. No need to pay anything for a rental.


If you don't have a library that offers free DVD rentals, or you simply want newer movies, simply go find a redbox at McDonalds or a grocery store. One dollar for a movie rental is tough to beat unless you get it for free through possibly illegitimate means.

Anyway, I hope that gives you some good ideas for cheap and free ways to have fun. Everybody runs into money issues now and then and sometimes it's just nice to enjoy yourself without having to think about it.


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