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Cheapest Places To Live

Updated on May 31, 2011

Best Places to Live in 2011

Where should I live?
Where should I live? | Source

Best Places to Live 2011

Cheapest Places to Live Update

Time for an update don't you think? If you've been following my 'Cheapest Places to Live ' Blogger Blog you know I've had a lot to say about the Cheapest Places to Live but I've also expanded the discussion to include a lot more than just the economics of living. After all 'Cheap ' is a relative term.

Best Places for Quality of Life

Recently on the blog I started reviewing the International Living Quality of Life Index for 2011 . I did this last year too and found it fascinating - hope you do to. Normally I.L. writes about living abroad with a major focus on the Best Places to Retire . But once a year they come out with their Quality of Life Index which examines 192 countries on criteria as it relates to quality of life and living. They rank these countries on a scale of 1 to 100 in nine different categories and then add up the score to determine the leading countries for Quality of Life. This year the United States had the highest average score at 86.43 points followed by New Zealand, Malta, France and Monaco as the top five.

That's the address to my blog if you want to check it out. Earlier this month (JAN2011), I posted the list of the Best Places for Quality of Life and now I'm in the process of going through each country in detail. Of course it's all very subjective so please don't get upset if you disagree with the list - don't kill the messenger! I'm just having a fun and light look at what International Living has produced. I think it's just great! I don't necessarily agree with the list, after all Canada isn't even on it this year!, but the data is very interesting and what's more important is the dialogue it starts. It gets one thinking beyond their own borders and about what's really important to them when it comes to quality of life. So, please pop over and join the discussion!

Discovering one of the Cheapest Places to Live

Have you ever thought of living in Panama? Do you worry that you couldn’t live here due to the process of purchasing a house, getting a visa or the cost of living? What if you could find out more about the cheapest place to live or cheap places to live that still meet your standards of quality and size? Would it be great if you could live somewhere nice and affordable? There are many places in Panama that give you this opportunity. You just need to know where and how to look.

Almost anywhere in Panama is affordable provided you know how to begin your search and how to make contact with reputable vendors. Whether you long for active city living, a warm and laid back beach lifestyle or the cool and comfort of the highlands in Panama you will find most anything you’re looking for – all in an affordable range when compared to that of other countries. In addition to cheap real estate, it’s important to know the many reasons why Panama is such as great place to live and why it can save you so much money.

You may be surprised to hear that Panama is actually one of the cheapest places to live. There are many other great things about this county- including property rights for foreigners guaranteed by law to exceptional retiree discounts. You can live in Panama for a fraction of what it costs to live in many other countries and the best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice. With the moderate climate and abundance of fresh local produce and sea food you can live better in Panama on the same amount of money than what you did in your home country. If you buy or build a new house in Panama, in some cases you don’t even have to pay property taxes for up to 20 years!

There are other areas where you can save by living in Panama, too. For example, have you ever thought about your food expenses and how much it costs you to buy those “convenience” foods all the time? You can save on your food costs as well since many fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables are available and very affordable. They are also healthier than manufactured foods. In addition to great housing at affordable prices, there are also numerous off-shore tax benefits to living in Panama.

When it comes to Panama weather you can enjoy a pleasant tropical climate which is mild and sunny most of the year. Not only is this a pleasant place to spend your time but it also helps you save on heating and cooling expenses that come with living in other parts of the world. Panama adopted the US currency back in 1904 and has not printed its own money since. If you are already from the US and moving to Panama, this will be an easy adjustment for you. There is also the added bonus of a Panama retirement and you don’t have to wait until you are 60 to make it happen. Moving to Panama is a smart decision for anyone looking for a cheap place to live in the tropics.

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    • profile image 8 years ago

      Please add me to your mailing List... photo's of cities in Panama are beautiful.

    • PAMark profile image

      PAMark 8 years ago from Victoria, BC Canada & Boquete, Panama

      Glad you like the phots. You can find more photos and videos over at my site Just sign up for the newsletter - it's free with no hassles.

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      nice topic. As a backpacker this is great information.nice picture also. I think those are great place to visit.

    • Caverson profile image

      Caverson 7 years ago from Left Coast

      Great Blog Mark, I love this whole idea of moving outside the country

    • PAMark profile image

      PAMark 7 years ago from Victoria, BC Canada & Boquete, Panama

      Thanks Caverson glad you like the idea. If you're looking for the Best Place to Invest in Real Estate I would encourage you to !

    • PartyPlannerDeb profile image

      PartyPlannerDeb 7 years ago

      Love it! When I moved to Panama back in 2003 it was really cheap. Last time I visited some things had gone up quite a bit but I found when I got out of the city much of the old Panama was still one of the cheapest places I have been.

    • PanamaPaul profile image

      PanamaPaul 7 years ago from Toronto

      Just checking out all of your HUBS on Panama and this one sounded interesting. I've been looking at a Panama Vacation and didn't realize it was such a cheap place to live too!

    • retirementvillage profile image

      retirementvillage 7 years ago from Philippines

      Wow the pictures are beautiful..I think the place is cool...thanks for your hub!

    • PanamaPaul profile image

      PanamaPaul 6 years ago from Toronto

      Hey Mark, still checking in and following your journey to find the cheapest places to live. Thanks for keeping it fresh!

    • profile image

      mandatory retirement 6 years ago

      The pictures are great. City, country or beach. I've never travelled out of this country but I'm really attracted to getting the biggest bang for the buck in my retirement. Good information.

    • AllSuretyBonds profile image

      AllSuretyBonds 6 years ago

      Great Hub. Panama is beautiful. I have never done any traveling outside of the U.S. but its definetly something to consider when retirement rolls around the corner!

    Panama - One of the Cheapest Places to Live

    Panama City Panama
    Panama City Panama
    Boquete Chiriqui Highlands Panama
    Boquete Chiriqui Highlands Panama
    Panama Beaches Panama
    Panama Beaches Panama

    Thinking Panama is 3rd World? Check this out!


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      • retirementhelp profile image

        retirementhelp 8 years ago

        Great Info!!! Sounds like Panama is an option that needs to be considered. Keeping expenses down is very important. If you can do that without reducing quality of life you have a winner. Thanks for sharing!!

      Best Places to Live

      Over at the Cheapest Places to Live Blog is a post titled 'The Top 25 Countries for Quality of Life'

      This list may not be about the Cheapest Places to Live but I'm sure each of these spost has a corner which is cheaper than the rest. Anyhow, it's always interesting to read about other places to live in this wonderful world of ours!

      Best Places to Live

      1. France
      2. Australia
      3. Switzerland
      4. Germany
      5. New Zealand
      6. Luxembourg
      7. US
      8. Belgium
      9. Canada
      10. Italy
      11. Netherlands
      12. Norway
      13. Austria
      14. Liechtenstein
      15. Malta
      16. Denmark
      17. Spain
      18. Finland
      19. Uruguay
      20. Hungary
      21. Portugal
      22. Lithuania
      23. Andorra
      24. Czech Republic
      25. Great Britain

      By the way this list comes from the International Living Magazine annual report on what they rank to be the best places to live.

      Kiplinger Ranks Fort Smith #1

      The well known quality of life - cost of living index produced by recently (AUG10) released it's ranking for the least expensive places to live in the U.S.A.

      Fort Smith, Ark. came out #1 with Conway, Ark. in 6th place. Interesting the top 7 of the cheapest places to live in the U.S. were in the south.

      Kiplinger looks at a number of factors and items in it's basket of goods and services to determine who is the cheapest and who is the most expensive. They gather prices and compare data for everything from groceries to the cost of a doctors visit. Even the annual trip to the Vet for fluffy is taken into consideration.

      The top spot for the most expensive place to live in the United States went to New York City where one would need to earn at least 1.6 times as much as they would in Fort Smith to maintain the same standard of living.

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