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Check Out Generic Food Brands

Updated on September 18, 2018

When we go grocery shopping, we have a ton of choices for nearly every item we purchase. There are multiple brands of cereal, milk, cookies, paper towels, beans, and bread. The prices among them vary greatly. The quality can vary. It can be quite a bit of decision making for us.

Among these are the generic brands. They are the brands largely ignored but so full of value for your family and your pocketbook. We all know they exist, but we don't realize why we should not ignore them. Let's look closer at generic brands and why you should give them a chance in your life.

What Are Generic Brands?

Generic brands are not the big name brands that you see on ads to get you to pay a higher price for them. In the beginning, they were presented in plain black and white boxes. The costs was pennies compared to the most popular name brands. The generic brands developed a stigma as most on welfare were given them.

Over the years, stores absorbed the generic brands and gave them a name that didn't carry such a stigma. Instead of just being generic, stores began labeling them with their own name. The packaging was similar to other brands. It didn't stand out as it did before. The stigma had been removed.

The quality of most generics is not as high as the top name brands, but it can be many times. They are usually at a much lower cost than the brand names that make them.

Try Generic Brands

Too often, people will not try generic brands because they see them as inferior. They taste bad and are only for the poor. I am here to tell you that the truth is far better than that. They actually can taste just as good as the high-priced name brands.

My family has found it surprising when the generic brand tastes as good as the more expensive brands. They can be rather tasty, and they save us a ton of money.

Let's look at a box of macaroni and cheese. The well-known brands can cost up to $3 per box. The generic brands can be as low as $.50 a box. (I've seen $.25 per box.) That is a big price difference. A few dollars per item can break my bank with a family of four.

Nearly every item has a generic version. I give every one a try. They save me money, and when the taste is good no one knows the difference. It's a win-win.

I do want to point out that if a generic brand still has good quality varies from person to person. The generic of mac and cheese might taste fine to me and fulfills my comfort food craving. Then there are the ones who can taste the slightest difference. My son will only eat Kraft Mac and Cheese. I cannot sneak any other brand across his plate. He will know. The rest of us eat the generic brand very happily.

The Big Secret

Generic brands are a big secret that many don't know about. They are made by those expensive name brand companies. There is little to no difference.

I know I just mentioned that there are differences that some can pick out. That can be for two reasons. One is that your preferred name brand did not make the generic brand. The second could be that the generic version is the poorer quality the company produces.

I have worked for those name brand companies. Our generic brands were the exact same as our popular name brands. They were just packaged differently and priced lower.

Willing to Try Generic?

Generic foods are cheaper than their counterparts. They save your family money on your grocery bill. Friendly to your budget.

Generic foods can be of good quality like the higher priced versions. Most are made by those same companies. Not a big sacrifice most of the time.

What is wrong with them? Why aren't we using them more? The stigma is fading in today's world, but it is still there. Generic foods can be very beneficial for your family and your pocketbook. Give them a try. What have you really got to lose?


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Sounds a great idea.


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