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Choosing An Insurance Coverage

Updated on November 7, 2007

Supplemental Insurance verses Advantage Plus

As long as you have Medicare Part A & Part B 80 o/o of your bills are paid..Just make sure you have back-up funds. Like a Medi-Gap Supplement Coverage...(which is exspensive)...Or an Advantage Plus Coverage (which is less money) but also with a few problems.

Like you can only sign up between November 15th til December 31 st. And then you can't change until the next enrollment program. which they come up 2 times a year...I believe...*****

Also you pay a Co-pay...which is very small..and this is still a Medicare coverage..Also the Doctor is of your long as the Doctor's Office agrees to accept the Advantage Plan you have chosen.

The doctor's Office bills the Advantage Insurance Company and Medicare pays what they don't cover.

A medi - gap coverage pays everything medicare doesn't but is much more well as has a stricter previous medical history to report...which could dis-qualify your loved one.

There are also Pharmacy coverages to help with the exspensive medication that come up. But they do have deductables and limits.

Some of the Insurance companies I have found in the State of Washington that offer good plans and are accepted by quite a few local Doctor's in this area are :

1. Sterling Life Insurance Company

2. Humana Insurance Company

3. Bankers Life and Casuality Company

4. Not to forget AARP

You can go on-line and review each Company and their offers...and they respond very quickly.. I have 3 now I am researching for my Mother. In fact I may switch mine over also.....Shop Shop til you drop...but do it before December 31st..... It is a task but so worth the time and effort for our Loved and Cherished ones.

May I leave you with a quote from : Marcia Wieder "Dreams Are Whispers from the Soul"


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