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Christmas Cash Now

Updated on August 16, 2015

How to Earn Quick Cash

Quick Cash Ideas
Quick Cash Ideas

How to Generate Emergency Cash

While christmas is a time for party and cheers for many people, it is a very depressing time for a big group of people. Christmas means more spending - presents for the children, turkeys for the special meal, new clothings and shopping.

We are still in a recession and money is tight. In an internet marketing forum that I often frequent, the same question keeps popping up. They often write: "I need to earn a few hundred dollars now for emergency needs. How can I earn some money quickly?" And kind forummers offer a host of ideas. The same question. Similar answers.

When expenses exceed income, you too will wonder where to earn some money quickly and everyday. My neighbour always knock on my door to borrow a few dollars here and a few dollars there. In no time the debt grows to hundreds of dollars.When will he ever stop borrowing money from me?

If I can tell my neighbour where to find work, he won't have to bother me and break my bank account. It is better to teach him how to fish than to give him a fish.

I did my research and came up with a host of ideas - a list of simple to do work that one can find easily and generate some quick cash.

These are works that anyone can do. It does not require high skill or money to get started.

I discover abundance of opportunities. People have needs. People still need to spend everyday. You need to position yourself to be on the receiving end.

Here are some tips:

1. Always on the look out for opportunities. People's problem are your opportunities cos there are solutions for every problem. People will pay you for the answer. A retired grandfather had a truck. He saw that people left their trash in their backyard. He offer to bring their trash to the landfill and earn good money.

2. Ask people what they want and give it to them. People have needs but they won't tell you unless you ask them. My friend organizes workshops and I let him know that I am able to help man the reception if he needs some extra hand.

There are often seasonal works. Restaurants need extra hands in the busy season.

3. Show people a better way. When I spot people's deficiencies and I know there is a better way, I offer them a makeover. I show them a before/after picture. Before - ugly,after - beautiful. They love it!

4. Do the things that most people don't like to do. In my country there are some jobs that we never like to do like construction work under the sun, or working long hours at the coffee shop. This is an opportunity for foreign workers because they can't even find work in their hometown.

5. Offer convenience. People are basically lazy. Offer to do everything for them. Provide them the convenience, the all-in-one package.

If you are hungry enough to succeed you will find a way. When I lost my job suddenly, I had to find a way to earn money to feed my family. I could not find a new job but I manage to make a living without a job.

Sam Choo is an internet marketing coach at


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