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Shop Online and Save Gas

Updated on May 30, 2022

It is Summertime and Shopping Online Sales are Beginning

Frugal people---shop online to save gas. Busy people---shop online not to wait in line to checkout. No-nonsense people shop online as not to deal with attitudes of others. And I shop online because I love all the great deals and I do not need to dress, put on makeup or fix my hair.

Update 2021: Since the beginning of the Pandemic--Covid-19 shopping online has become the norm in cities, towns, communities, rural areas and where I live in the back woods of Florida. If we did not live in a computer world--Most Americans would need help from others. I am happy to say--online shopping is number one with me and my kitty cat Baby.

Florida is the Place to Vacation in the Summertime

Time to Shop Online for Christmas

Christmas is knocking on my “Shop Online Door” and I am ready to look for the best buys online while saving gas as well as my last nerve.

Customer service is still an issue in department stores, but not with of my favorite place to shop and that is Target. I will shop there in person and online because I love the service and the appreciation I receive as a customer.

I do wish everyone “Happy Holidays” with your family and friends and may you stay healthy and happy during the season of joy to the world. I pray our world is getting better and no child is left alone without food.

And, remember to Christmas tree shop online---it is fun and easy.

There are so many sites to shop online and visit. Home Shopping Network,, QVC Online, shop at Home Shopping , Target, Sears, K-Mart and Walmart. And, the list goes on because it just depends on what you are looking to buy.

A Golden Christmas Tree in an American Mall
A Golden Christmas Tree in an American Mall

Attention Shoppers

Christmas Time is here again---and it is a fun time of year---especially for all shoppers that love to go shopping from store to store, lugging bags and dodging people who weave in and out of the moving crowd. Holding one’s purse close to the body so no one will grab it from you and run away with it---taking part of your life and all your information, your name and address and credit cards.

However, I am not one of those happy combative shoppers. I believe that Internet Shopping is one of my most blessed pleasures in life. I can buy and have it delivered to my home with just a click online from my favorite stores. I shop online and enjoy my freedom from noise and pushing carts.

I do not have to dress-up, put on makeup, buy gas for my car and travel 45 miles to the nearest city to shop. I do not care about Black Friday or Blue Monday---because I am here at my computer smiling and clicking away and getting bargains galore. Drinking my coffee or wine whichever I need first. I am a Happy Computer Clicker and I love ordering in my nightie.

So, if I have any kindred spirits out there---here to us---and happy shopping.

This Mall Christmas trees is very tall.
This Mall Christmas trees is very tall.

The Best Christmas Ever

The most relaxed Christmas I can ever recall is the first year I shopped online for all my Christmas Gifts. I started November 1, and everything I ordered online conveniently delivered to my door by December 1st.

Some online stores had coupons off deals for the Holidays and more than half had free holiday shipping. To me that was heavenly because I did not have to buy gas and drive 35 miles to the nearest town. Where I would have to push through all the crowded stores to shop the pick overs.

And I really got better deals online. It was so relaxing to let my fingers travel from one store site to the next as I relaxed in my computer room and drank my coffee.

There is no way I would go back to shopping in stores during the Holiday Season. Instead, I met my friends for lunch and listened as they complained about Christmas Shopping.

Not only are the stores and malls overcrowded, but the customer service is terrible. The way clerks act in some stores is borderline rudeness.

And, who in their right mind wants to stand in long lines to be checked out and/or looking for a clerk's help. They seem to disappear especially when you need them.

What is equally scary is if you have to exchange an item—then you feel like you are in a third world country, and they cannot understand English.

And, if you order online a return package slip comes with your order, so all you do is package the item and put the return slip on it and call the service that delivered it for a pickup. Therefore, making returns so simple and uncomplicated, you never have to leave home.

I had the unfortunate displeasure of returning a sweater once, and I swore if I ever got out of that store I would never return. I was behind a lady whose English was not clear, and the clerk was very impatient.

Therefore, it made the lady more nervous as she tried to explain that the shoes were too little, and that she had received them as a gift, and she had the receipt.

Well, the clerk still could not get it, or she did not want to get it. I waited about ten minutes listening to that repartee, until the clerk stepped on my last nerve.

So, the well-bred lady side of me left the store, and the plain talking old country girl came out. I stepped in front of the lady who was Hispanic and told the clerk in a very loud voice that I wanted to see her manager.

Well, by her expression you would have thought I had told her a dirty joke. The clerk said in a low voice, “If I call my manager I will be fired.”

I said, “And if you don’t give this lady her money back--- the exact amount it states on her receipt, ---- I am going to start talking really loud, until you do.”

Bottom line, the lady got her money back and thanked me so many times, until my face turned red, or it felt like it.

Anyway, my sister said she would never go with me to return anything, ever again, as I always tried to save someone, or fight someone’s battles for them. I said fine, but she will if I ask her.

Christmas Shopping Online is the best Christmas Gift anyone could give one's self, especially if you live far away from any town. My cousin now shops online and she lives in a big city. She said that makes her happier every Christmas, because she shops online.

So, I say to everyone--- be smart—shop online and save a nerve, let your fingers do the shopping, --- so your body can rest.

Are You a Savvy Online Shopper?

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This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2011 Barbara Purvis Hunter


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