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Clear internet

Updated on November 15, 2015

I was a clear internet customer for years and I liked the service I got from clear.

It was 40 bucks a month and a nice reliable internet service which I only had to restart the modem once every 3 months. I had about 6 devices hooked up to it and didn’t experience much lag on the speed of the service. It was great. Now there have went out of business and I have to try to find a new internet provider with great service like that. I wish I had the money to buy that company and take them over because they seem like there were a great company. I didn’t have any problems instead of when a tower went down and they didn’t notify the customer that a tower would be down and getting worked on. But I think clear was a great pick up and go type of wireless internet device which made it easy to travel and still take care of business. All it required was a outlet to plug the device into then wait about 1 minute and you’re ready to surf the web. Excellent.


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