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Click2Sell : Affiliate Program With No Minimum Payout

Updated on May 3, 2011

Not All of Us are Super Affiliates!

Even though a lot of popular affiliate networks do exist, not everything is good for every one who want to make money by earning commissions from the products and services he/she promotes. Super Affiliates always use to recommend prominent affiliate networks like Clickbank, CommissionJunction, etc.

But what happens if you are a newbie in affiliate marketing. You would be deeply frustrated waiting for your account balance to reach the threshold amount of 100 USD or more. There's no guarantee that people purchase products from one's affiliate link as soon as he/she completed reading the review or article. As a beginner, you are restricted by the fortune to limit in one or two sales in a month or even less. So I am talking about the solution to such problems.


This is a great place where you are able to withdraw the amount you earned by promoting your very first product. You don't need to wait for any threshold amount or so. As soon as you get your commissions, you can ask for payout. Your payout preferences can be set according to your wish. You can change or edit them any time.

It's better to try this network as soon as you finish reading the fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing. The percentage of commissions are also not less than the popular affiliate networks, but sometimes more than them. Market place of Click2Sell includes a lot of products which are capable of making you earn good commissions for each product you promote.

This works well equally for Affiliates as well as Merchants. The interesting fact about Click2Sell is that you will be able to get referral income for each one you refer. If he/she earns a commission, then you would also get a certain percent of it. So if your fellow affiliate is smarter than you, it again benefits you.

Affiliate Links and Cloaking are done very intelligently just like the top affiliate networks. You don't need to worry about losing your commission in any way. You are provided with all the necessary facilities to track, protect and promote your affiliate links. it's all that easy.


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    • fits4life profile image

      Cherri Brown-Jett 8 years ago from Richmond

      Thank you for this information. You're right, everyone is not a super affiliate.