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Best Cloud Computing Stocks To Invest In 2013 - Exclusive Report On Companies

Updated on December 25, 2012

Best Cloud Computing Stocks to invest in 2013

With the economy getting back stable, investors are readily hunting down the best Cloud computing stocks to invest in 2013. This article provides you with some insights about cloud computing stocks that are advisable for investment. What makes the stock from these cloud computing companies is that the cloud technology is being rapidly adapted by both big players as well as small business alike. The exceptional features such as mobility, scale-ability and pay-as-usage model have introduces unforeseen flexibility in infrastructure deployment. With the official step-in of cloud computing leaders like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service, Google etc have already established it as a multi-billion dollar industry.Apart, from that job hunters are specializing especially on virtualization and cloud computing foreseeing its demand. With all these happening world-wide its definitely a wise move to sort out the hottest cloud computing stocks and invest in the one with maximum return potential.

Hottest Cloud Computing Stocks

  • Citrix Systems
  • VMware
  • Google, Inc
  • Microsoft Corp
  • Akamai Technologies
  • Brocade Communications System, Inc
  • NetApp
  • Oracle Corp.
  • Rackspace Hosting

There are also more companies like CommonVault Systems, Concur Technologies, BMC Software, Inc.,Netwuite, Level 3 Comunications, Netsuite, Limelight Networks Inc etc.

Making the Most Out of The Cloud Computing Stock Dip

As most of the technologies were welcomed , cloud computing is also facing some initial recess. This has happened to all technologies like Microprocessor, Computers, Television, Microsoft Windows etc. The meltdown will occur as soon as these technologies reach the common man. At that time the stocks will be too high to touch. Investing in Cloud computing stocks will be more rewarding if its done now.If you liked this article, you can rate this page at the bottom and vote it up! You can also write thought provoking comments and questions in your perspective, about exciting new happenings of cloud computing stocks to invest in 2011.


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    • 6hotfingers3 profile image

      6hotfingers3 7 years ago

      Very informative hub. Never heard of cloud computing but now I am interested and want to learn more about it.Great hub!