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Coal mining disaster in the making?

Updated on August 21, 2014

A proposed new mine to be built among some of the finest countryside in south east Northumberland is to be given over to a public consultation. All well and good to gauge the publics attention and get their input if only they would be serious about listening and agree not to go ahead with this devastating project after consultation should the locals decide they do not want their lives ruined for the next 15/20 years!

Already though the Northumberland wildlife trust have been persuaded (bought off) into believing the hype given them by the mining company and their chief executive writes an eloquent piece in the first round of propaganda sent to all within the range of the mine saying how this "COULD" be advantageous to the economy and how it "COULD" lead to better wildlife conservation. No absolute promises of a better future after the 10 year digging life of the mine.

There is also the claim that by building one of the largest open cast mines for many a decade it would secure 150 jobs within the industry, note the wording "Secure" this mine if it is to go ahead will not create any new jobs.

For those of you who have not visited or been anywhere near Druridge bay please look at the map accompanying this article.The areas marked for digging and holding have in fact been mined before in the 1950's the land was returned to agriculture use with the Druridge bay wildlife trust and National trust owning the majority of the 7 miles of sand around the bay.

The aim of the mining company is to engage the thoughts of £xxx of income from tourists such as the influx of over 50,000 visitors to the Northumberlandia construction of a woman made from the rubbish mined next to Cramlington.

The biggest problem for the projected figures being bandied about as being as high as £35 million is that most of that money does not filter down to the local populace. Sure there will be winners in the B+B trade and one or two pubs and cafes(if they can withstand the amount of heavy traffic on such small roads) But for 10 years visitors will see only stark/green hills surrounding the mine itself and the dust clouds as the heavy duty vehicles continuously enter and leave the holding area. I have no doubt methods of distraction will be employed so as to keep the impact of such a massive operation to as small as possible but as a local resident I fear quality of life for many locals shall be greatly diminished for the life time of the pit(10 years) and the subsequent 3 years of regeneration which will in reality be over 5/6 years as Nature does not grow that fast or to order.

Should you wish you may go to to see their proposals and see if you agree with what they are saying if you believe them then please reply and if you do not agree then please reply.

Personally I will be opposing from day one of the consultation because I do not see any benefit coming out of it for local people who are in need of help today ot tomorrow as this proposal is not due to start until 2016 and that is providing the local council give the go ahead.


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