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Come Check out PayBox: a New Paypal Alternative that PAYS!

Updated on December 2, 2010


A paypal alternative that pays
A paypal alternative that pays | Source

Send, Receive and Make Money


Looking for a new paypal alternative? Like being the first to try new things? What

about: free money?


If you answered yes to all three questions, then get ready to have your socks rocked

because Paybox is developing a brand new online currency and payment processor.


Not only is Paybox going to make buying and selling online easier, it’ll be a secure service available to everyone.


It’s planned launch for 2011 includes:

-P2P Transactions


(that means person to person, from

me to you & from you to me!)

-Small Business Integration


(payment processor for all major

shopping cart software!)


-Mid-size Business and Major Online



-Debit Card connected to your paybox



- Currency Exchange

“But wait Sans, what about the money?”


Just by signing up you get a $25 dollar balance. For every day that your account is

active Paybox will add up to $20/day. But there’s more; every person you refer to Paybox

earns you another $10 dollars!


By being an EarlyBird user (what they call beta-users) you can help shape the

development of Paypals best rival AND have some extra cash available to you

right off the bat without making a single deposit!


All they ask of you is to contribute feedback and invite your friends. They even have small tasks you can

complete for bonus rewards! You can choose to complete these tasks or not, and

they have a handy sharing tool that makes raking in the dough that much easier.


Share with your friends on Twitter,Facebook, Myspace and more. Check out Paybox today!


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      Paybox 6 years ago

      Join us now !!! It's the best .