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Commerce Insurance Company Login Guide -

Updated on December 12, 2011

General Profile

The Commercial Insurance Group known as Commerce Insurance which is providing various solutions for policy insurances which includes life, commercial and emergency. The official website is and pay bills online, change scheduled via EFT program, or repot insurance claim obtainable at CommerceCares -

There are about 70,000 agents which are serving needs of people, 37,000 people who are working at company site as back end employees, about 20 million customers all across the globe, and assets collection of about 29 million US dollars. Different affiliations which this company had got are American Commerce Insurance Company, MAPFRE S.A., and Commercial West. Company is providing qualitative insurances for automobile services which had given them 18th rank in the world amongst all other service providers.

How to Login

  1. Open official site:
  2. On the right side enter ‘login ID’ and ‘Password’
  3. Select red colored ‘Login’ button
  4. If you have forgotten ID, dial 1-800-298-9493 between working hours
  5. Member can choose ‘Forgot your password?’ page to recover password

Agent page:
Commerce West page:
(For any additional difficulty, leave a note in comment box)

Products imparted

Accounting their services we can describe them as follows;
Auto Insurance - Vehicle loans are being imparted to the people includes 20% of benefits for home owners and 15% benefits for automobile insurance.

Homeowners Insurance - This panel is serving about 225,000 homes that provide home safety related facilities, and delivering benefits of about 85%.

Personal Umbrella Insurance - In case of injury, accident or any emergency causes many policies are present that is covering life care and also cash back guarantee provides to the policy owners.

Earthquake and Flood Insurance - In case of natural calamities special assistance is provided to the insured owners for their property loss and life loss.

Business Insurance - Many policies are offered to highly profiled people for their business establishments along with loans in case of debt repayment and loss consolidation.

Payment Information - Their web portal is furnished with advances features that any owner can get its account information with ease.

Discounts - Special offers for the unable people are covered in this panel where half of insurance amount is paid by the company.

Extra Facilities

This company has very advanced terminology for claim assurance where the client can have 24/7 support (Monday to Friday between 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST) with elite executive or approved members. Online payment is provided in case of emergency claim. Onto the web portal agent’s advice is support is made available toll free on call.


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