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Commercial Real Estate 101 - The Credibility Kit

Updated on July 09, 2011

Commercial Real Estate

Your Foot In The Door

I’m a real estate investor working my own business and a coach for Bob Leonetti and Jayme Kahla through the SMI Funding and the Real Estate Profit Coach. I travel the country helping Bob and Jayme with their educational seminars. I am also a coach and work with our students on-site and assist them in building their real estate business.

I initially avoided commercial real estate because of all the perceived variables. Jayme and Bob quickly taught me that the biggest difference between residential and commercial are the zeros! LOL! I've since worked on numerous commercial deals and can honestly say from personal experience that Jayme and Bob were right. I love the zeros!

The first step in building your confidence is creating a credibility kit. A commercial credibility kit consists of the following:

A recommendation letter:

  • From Attorney
  • From Title/Escrow Officer/Company
  • From CPA/Accountant
  • From Banker
  • From Broker(s)
  • From Commercial Property Manager
  • From Hard Money Lender
  • From Private Equity Group

Testimonials from completed deals:

  • Buyers testimonials (at least 3)
  • Seller Testimonials

MILLION DOLLAR TIP - Leverage yourself by piggybacking off of partners! I brought on equity partners and borrowed their credentials on my first deals. What you lose in profits you more than gain in experience.

Want to learn more? Jayme and Bob put on a fantastic 3 day Commercial Property & Paper Boot Camp several times a year. It covers the commercial business in some very non-traditional ways, and walks you through the entire commercial process from finding properties to exit strategies! The next event is May 27 - 29 right here in Dallas! Contact me for more information and schedules.

Happy hunting!

Real Estate Profit Coach


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