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Complete, Calculate And File Your Taxes

Updated on June 24, 2011

There are now two different methods a person can use in preparing their income taxes. The paper method requires the use of paper materials including the appropriate forms and instructional booklets. If completing the forms yourself seems to time consuming and tedious you can pay a professional service to do it for you.

The second method does not use any paper because it is an online software program. If you did your 2009 taxes, you may have already used this software to complete them with. For people who fall beneath certain income amounts the use of these online tools is free.

free online taxes 2009
free online taxes 2009

The advantage to using the software is the reduced time you spend filing out your forms. The exact same forms used for the paper filing are online, but the program can calculate what your answers are to each question and automatically skip to the next one you need to fill out.

This program will automatically fill in amounts that are similar and also auto send to both state and federal agencies. The system works for people filing as single, married or head of household.

Even though you may have used the free online taxes 2009 forms if your current income is higher than the maximum allowance for the free version you could still qualify to use a reduced fee program. You can usually access this without needing to install any additional software on your hard drive, but you can also purchase this as a software package if you want to.

The handy online program also reduces the margin of error by making all of the necessary mathematical calculations for you. You also can stop, save and return to the program any time you want without losing any of the information you already entered. If you have been looking for an easier and more efficient way of doing your taxes than you should take a look at the online programs available.

Were you able to complete your taxes online for free?

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