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Contacting Your State’s Unemployment Agency

Updated on May 12, 2015

Unemployment Agency Contact Methods

Most state unemployment agencies offer multiple options for getting in touch. All states operate telephone call centers, and you may be able to ask questions online or by visiting a local office. Before seeking help from a live person, however, check your state's unemployment website or automated phone system. You may be able to get the information you need, including claim status and tax information, without waiting to talk to a representative.


Find Your State's Agency

While unemployment insurance is a federal program, it is administered by individual states. If you are unsure of how to contact your state's agency, visit for a directory. Click on your state's name or on the interactive map, and you'll find links to your state's website. You can also call CareerOneStop at 1-877-872-5627 for information about unemployment services.

Online Contact

Once you are on your state's website, look for a "contact" section. In many states, you'll submit your inquiry through a web form. The form page may include information about wait times for email responses, along with other ways to get in touch with the unemployment office.

Telephone Contact

The number for contacting your state's unemployment office can be found on the agency's website. If you've applied for unemployment, check the confirmation letter or handbook that you received in the mail for this number.

Tip: Some unemployment agencies have different numbers for specific requests and needs. For example, the Illinois Department of Employment Security has its "Teleserve" automated phone system for filing and checking on claims, as well as separate numbers for questions, appeals and debit card issues. Review your state's website or your unemployment handbook to ascertain what number you should use.

In-Person Contact

If you are unable to resolve an issue on the phone or online, or you simply feel more comfortable dealing with a live person, you may be able to visit a local unemployment office. Depending on your state, there may be several ways to find the office closest to your home:

  • If you received a letter when you applied for unemployment benefits, check to see if it provides the address of your local unemployment office.
  • Visit your state unemployment agency's website. Many have directories that allow you to search for an office by ZIP code.
  • Call your state's unemployment hotline and ask for help in locating a center.
  • Some states, such as Washington and Tennessee, don’t allow you to file or check on an unemployment claim in person. All contact takes place online or over the phone.


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