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Contactless Payment - Contactless Card Technology

Updated on October 3, 2012

If you are a UK resident you might have already seen or heard about contactless payments, this latest payment technology has been introduced widespread across the country during 2012.

Many large retailers such as McDonalds, Co-operative and Subway have now installed contactless terminals at their payment counters and customers can now pay more efficiently than with regular credit card machines.

The main factors which make contactless terminals different from regular PDQ machines s that the customer no longer has to enter their PIN number if the transaction is less than £20(previously £15).

Credit card issuers 'Visa' and 'Mastercard' have got behind this technology 100% and even have their own brandname card terminals called 'PayWave' and 'PayPass'.

Imagine you are rushing for the tube train during your busy work schedule and you want to pay quickly without fumbling around with loose coins, contactless payment allows you to quickly wave your credit or debit card within 4cm of the payment terminal and you will see a green light flash to signify if the transaction is complete.

Ingenico is one of the largest brand name manufacturers of payment processing technology and they provide some of the most ergonomic and best functioning contactless card readers.

You can accept contactless payments in a variety of different ways, the customer doesn't necessarily have to use their card because the banks are also issuing keyrings and Barclaycard have a stick on tab for mobile phones so both can operate the same by waving in front of the card terminal.

You don't have to worry about credit card fraud since contactless uses the same networks as 'Chip and Pin' and every wave of your contactless card must come within 4cm of the terminal for it to be processed.

Ingenico offer contactless technology in 3 different terminal formats and these are the bluetooth, mobile and countertop machines.

  • The bluetooth device means that you can operate your card terminal around your business as long as the charging cradle is plugged into a power socket and telephone landline.
  • The mobile device can be operated anywhere across the country to accept card payments using a mobile phone network provider and uses 3G technology for quick dial up to the banks for authorizing a customers card.
  • A countertop device is static and cannot be carried around because it is constantly plugged into the power socket, these machines are the cheapest option and are ideal for chargng customers over the shop counter.


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