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Coping with the Recession

Updated on February 11, 2011

As food and the basic cost of living increase, we all have to find other ways of dealing with our shrinking incomes and still providing for our family.

In my case I have decided that I will do a few things. First off, I will start baking my own bread. I love bread and so does my daughter, so I figure what better way for me to make it a healthier component to our daily diet and ease my pocket than if I bake it myself. After years of not baking, I must say that I have gotten a little rusty and need to clean up my baking skills. But I will get there some day...

My second task will be to start my own kitchen garden. We had one a few years ago, but that was mainly the pet project of my partner and soon became a thing of the past. On this try, my garden will be on a smaller scale, just to provide the family with the vegetables that we eat on a daily basis. My goal is also to try to grow my produce as organically as possible. Well I live in the Caribbean and we have the horrible garden beast called Giant African Snails, I swear I've never seen sails so large in my life, and they literally eat EVERYTHING in sight. So we will see how I cope with them.

And my third and final step, stop buying the brand named food items and going for the generic stuff. They both contain the same ingredients and most of the time we are simply paying for the name. I will resort to buying cereal in the bag if I have to...


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