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Coupon and Save money

Updated on May 10, 2016
This was one trip to CVS
This was one trip to CVS | Source

Do you dive, click or drive?

The never ending battle among the coupon world is how do you obtain your coupons?

For years I have been a coupon queen to help my family of nine. I am here to tell you that a lot of you starting out will do a lot of trial and error. Don't fret! We can help you with the basics.

This article is the first step in saving you so much money on all your everyday purchases. If you think it can't be done! I am proof that it does. First let me explain my husband and I both worked at the same company. Well one day we found out the company was closing. Talk about mode. Here we are with five children, a mother and Aunt living with us and our dogs. So time to cut costs to the bone out of necessity.

How much can you possibly save?

That first year I started keeping track of how much I saved our family with my couponing. From May 1st through December 31st I saved my family a total of $18,000 dollars. Well let me tell you I was first surprised but the amount of money we spend on basic needs for our house. Secondly I was so excited to have saved that much, and second now it became a challenge to beat the amount the next year.

Lets get to the subject! Taking a long look of how we save money a lot of people will focus on the items you are buying and the coupons, Or what store is having what sale.I will take it one step further and bring it down to the bare bones.

First: Let me start with the basic outline of the coupon life.

You get your coupons and sort them out and hopefully have them in a coupon binder which I highly recommend. This keeps everything sorted and at your fingertips no matter what store you are in or what sales or clearance item you run into.

Then you match up your coupons to the store you are going to and the sales fliers you get from these stores. Make your list and organize accordingly.

Then do you shopping and watch the savings add up. Now this is the very basic idea for now. What I really want to stress is that a lot of folks never focus on breaking the sales even further from here.

Not All Newspapers are the same

So let's go back to the first section. Getting Your Coupons!

Do you have friends and family that give them to you? If so that is fantastic and remember to pay it forward. What I mean by this is if they have taken the time to save and clip these coupons for you than help them out with some supplies. I have four stock rooms and love to pay it forward and that is one of the ways I do it. I think nothing of filling a few bags of supplies I know they use and give it to them for helping me out. Then they will be more apt to help you and also spread the word to other family and friends.

Do you Dumpster Dive? First I bow to you as my Phobia for germs prevents anything of the sort and I don't recommend it. However some alternatives for you are talk to your local stores and find out what they do with the left over coupon inserts. Some will be more than willing to give them to you. Also check with area businesses and see if you can have the left overs after Sunday such as restaurants, salons, nursing homes, hospitals etc. Then you can check with all your local newspaper offices and ask about the inserts as well. It never hurts to ask.

Do you run around to many different stores buying as many Sunday Papers as you can?

Well here is the scoop first not all papers are as they seem. What I mean by this is, first a lot of papers are specific for different regions. So if you are using an online guide to help you plan your shopping trip check for their region. Even something as simple as "Tide coupon in the Smart Source insert this week is for $3.00 off one any size to go with the sale going on at CVS where it is $3.49 making your final cost before any ECB (Extra Care Bucks) would make it $0.49" However they live on the West Coast where coupons are known to be higher because food and salary are also higher there. You live on the East coast and you notice that your coupons is only for $1.50 off one tide any size. Can you see how this would throw off your whole shopping transaction.

Compare if you dare!

Now let's talk about the price of Sunday Newspapers. In my area they can be either $3.50 or $3.00 a piece depending on which paper I chose. Le'ts say I need ten coupons for a specific item because it would be free with these coupons. Well in order to get those ten coupons you would need to buy ten Sunday Newspapers. That would be either $30.00 or $35.00 depending on which paper the coupon is in. So before you even start your shopping you need to realize that you have already paid out that money to get the coupons to save money. So in order to be absolutely truthful with your budget you need to start with a balance of.

Either -$30.00 or -$35.00 then work your way out of the negative.

So here is another idea for you. A Coupon Clipping Site! Yes the best place to get everything you need. Now for you to understand what you are paying for let me first explain that they can not charge you for the actual coupon. What they are charging you for is the handling fee. This would include them sorting, clipping, organizing, advertising and shipping. So they literally take all the fuss out. On average most of them charge anywhere from $0.03 to about $1.00 per coupon. To show you exactly the difference I will explain one of my orders.

I ordered 300 Different coupons in one order and my total cost for those was $12.00 with shipping now they were different prices for some but I chose regular shipping which was about $1.89 and I had them within three days of my order.

So imagine having to get newspapers to match that I bought 10 each of the same for a total of 30 different coupons. Ex: I bought 10 tide coupons, 10 puffs plus coupons, etc.. I usually only go to a max of 10 coupons for a single item but yet again I would need to buy 10 Sunday newspapers and make sure those coupons matched up and remember some of those coupons I needed might of been in the other paper so it was a guessing game but as best 10 newspapers and at worst 20 newspapers. 10 would be $30.00 or $35.00 and 20 would be $60.00 or $70.00. Compared to the $12.00 which do you think is the better deal?

I would rather start my shopping budget with a -$12.00 than a - $30.00 or even $60.00. When I talk to other coupon shoppers they never even consider the cost they put into the newspapers and coupons when they figure out their budget and total savings. I like to look at every possible way to save every bit we can.

Save the Gas money and surf to savings

How many of you run around on Sunday getting as many papers as you need? I was one of those people. Going to at least three stores only to find out that different newspapers had different coupons. So I would look up what I wanted to buy notice that it said found in Smart source this week. So I would buy the newspapers only to find that the Boston Sunday Globe had a different Smart source and that coupon wasn’t in it. Well now I wasted $3.50..

This happened so many times I could of insulated most of NH with all the newspapers I had every week. So through all my couponing I researched coupon clipping sites I was able to eliminate this problem. Every week I look on my web sites I frequent often and look at the sales fliers for each store up to 4 weeks in advance for some. So with this information you are able to know what coupons you need.

Example of this : 3 weeks from now Walgreens will have a sale on Tide laundry soap. So I go on the coupon clipping site I use and order the coupons I need for this sale and if they haven’t come out yet I know that I signed up for the email alert to let me know when new coupons are in. So I never miss a sale.

After I researched many coupon clipping web sites I found my home. I love coupondede. I order every week from her web site. So lets say that the sale for this week started sunday and I need coupons for this weeks sale before the sale runs out the following saturday. I go on her web site and check for the coupons I need order just what I need and then if some don’t come out until this sunday I put the other items in my cart and order on Sunday. Now I place my order Sunday and if there is no holiday this week I get my coupons by Wed the latest. Even if there is a Holiday I get them by Thursday so I still have until Saturday to get my stuff.. Plenty of time .

So folks here is a sample shopping list and what I pay.

Lets say Tide is on sale and I know I need 10 coupons on her site if it’s a dollar off coupon it’s 12 cents so I order 10 my total is $1.20 verus ten newspapers at $3.00 a piece would be $30.00 see the difference. So this is why I use this site below and they also have a points program for every order you use you can gain points to use for future orders.

This is just one of the many sites out there and I would suggest researching them all and use the best one to suit you. Some even have a monthly subscription as well. With this you pay a flat fee each month and order as many coupons as you want and this includes shipping. Either way it is much easier to use either process.

Final words

The bottom line is that you save even more from the this basic step.

Tip for the Day: Never let a coupon go to waste. Did you know that the US military can use expired coupons for up to 6 months after they have expired? Yes they can! So please pay it forward and send them to them. I also send them extra's that I know I will never be able to use in time. Now you have not only saved yourself more money but you also did a good deed as well.

Happy Couponing and keep track of your savings watch the money stack up.

What are your shopping habits?

How many of you use coupons every time you shop?

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Coupon Options

How do you get your coupons?

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Another great trip for the stock room
Another great trip for the stock room | Source
Well this will help with all those pains but it's not from overspending its from Saving Big!
Well this will help with all those pains but it's not from overspending its from Saving Big! | Source
This is part of a big shopping trip that should of cost $3,400 but after was all said and done I paid $41.00
This is part of a big shopping trip that should of cost $3,400 but after was all said and done I paid $41.00 | Source
All of these in total was 63 cases and my cost was $0.00
All of these in total was 63 cases and my cost was $0.00 | Source

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