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Coupon Organizer Categories and Tabs

Updated on August 17, 2015

Coupon organizer wallet - Coupon categories

The article is sourced from - Coupon Organizer.

Many people try to live a frugal life by saving money with the use of coupons. This is a great strategy for saving money. However organizing these coupons can be a real hassle. This is when organizing these coupons become very essential.

For organizing coupons, the best strategy is to use a coupon binder or a coupon holder. This allows for easy handling and travel with the coupons. Various coupons for various stores including grocery coupons can be stored within these coupon binders.

However, when one starts to organize these coupon binders, one gets confused on how to organize these coupons. It is very easy to get confused.Here is an organization of coupons

The two ways of organizing, as a result of my research, are

a) Overall coupon organization can be -

# Foods
# Household
# Personal Care
# Health Care
# Beverages
# Local Coupons
# Entertainment
# Pet Care
# Photography
# Office Supplies
# Toys and Games
# Professional Services
# Books & Magazines
# Automotive
# Restaurants

Coupon Organizer Tips

- Use a coupon binder to organize this wallet

- Use a master price list to check prices of common items.

- Have a calculator, scissor in hand to cut coupons

- Store coupons you find every week and remove old coupons

- Use colored tabs to seperate pocket dividers in the organizer

Coupon Organizer Video

Check Out this very useful video on how to use coupon binder


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