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Coupons to print now (updated 12/13/11)

Updated on December 13, 2011

Printable coupons

These coupons are great. Some coupons only have a limited amount of time that you can access them but once you print them off, you have at least a month to use them, with some exceptions of course.  Or if it’s something you need now, every little bit helps.

Body Shop

The Today Show runs a program called Jill's Steals and Deals. Periodically, they have items at an EXTREMELY low rate. Be careful about buying from smaller companies as sometimes, they aren't equipped to handle the huge number of orders coming in and it can take a long time to get your items. Reviews for Jill's Steals and Deals are mixed because of that but it seams that item quality is never the issue.

With that said... Today's Steal is for the Body Shop. For $35 you get $126 worth of stuff. Looks like you can only do one as when I add a second one to the cart, the first is at the deal price, the second is $126.

Go to and enter TODAYJOY in the check out.

2 Free coke 12 pack coupons - 12/7/11 only!!!

Any coke rewards people out there w/ 60 points in their account? Today ONLY, redeem 30 points for a coupon mailed to your home for 1 free 12 pack. You are allowed to do this twice:)

HyVee Drug Bar S Hot Dogs (5/24)

HyVee Drug has Bar-S Hot dogs at $0.69 this week.  Good deal on its own but pair it w/the $1.00 off two coupon found at and it is smokin!

If you don't want to make a special stop, HyVee has nicely honored HyVee drug ads too!

Off Clips (May 18th)

Walgreen's has the Off clips priced at $8.99 - Go to for two coupons.  One is Buy one, get one, the other is $2.00 off.


Buy two Clips at $8.99

USe your BOGO coupon to take off $8.99

Use your $2 coupon

Use the May book found with the ads in the store to take off $1 EACH(says for any Raid or Off Product) so $2 off


Total is $4.99 for two of them or $2.50 each!!!  I’ve read some pretty good reviews about these online and the nice thing is you then wouldn’t have to put chemicals on you or your children.  This scenario works on four as well, you just need to print two of each coupon.


Diet Coke (2/17)

Don't know how long this one will last but go here for $1.00 off two 20oz Coke products (one must be a Diet Coke)

Younker's (12/26)

If you're going to be going out to shop the after Christmas sales today, make sure you take your coupons along.  Here's a link to Younkers... $10 off a $25 order and another one for 20% off jewelry and apparel.


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