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Creating Financial Independence

Updated on November 14, 2011

Are You Looking for Financial Independence

If we learn only one thing from the recent recession, it should be that nothing is guaranteed. We cannot rely on our investments, or even our jobs, to provide us with financial independence. When it comes to money, freedom must be created, it is not given. The responsibility of creating income that offers us freedom in later years rests on us alone. No one will be handing us sacks of money at our retirement party.

There are plenty of ways to create income but not all of them are lucrative, let alone legal. Some people go the less ethical route and end up regretting it in the end. Others fail to do anything, working until they die, without ever having the opportunity to enjoy their lives. Those who are smart stop wasting time and take matters into their own hands.

Finding the Right Opportunities

An online business is the perfect choice for anyone because it offers freedom and flexibility. You can keep your day job while getting it off the ground, eventually letting it become the primary source of income. There are various online programs that people can use but not all are effective at generating wealth. The best program features something tangible that will increase in value over the years.

One such example is Numis Network, a marketing program featuring silver and gold coins. This system is designed for all of us, even if we have never collected a single coin. The coins offered in the program are graded, certified, and come from the top mints in the world. Members make a financial investment and in return, they receive coins valued for their precious metal content, rarity, and quality.

Marketing Your Online Business

With a business such as this, Internet marketing is required for success. People must be aware of the program in order to join it. They will not come to you…you must attract them through an attractive website optimized for major search engines, plenty of informative articles, blogs, and well-placed advertisements. Adding valuable online content featuring links back to the business website increases visibility.

Network marketing is also important for this type of program. The more people you know, the more prospects you have. Those people know others, who know more people, so the list grows. Some people will be content with being customers, while others will want to get a piece of the pie. When that second group makes a sale, you benefit as well, increasing your income level and shortening the time until this becomes your primary earnings source.

Adjusting Your Marketing Strategies

Developing a marketing plan is essential but unless progress is monitored, you will never know if it is effective. Continuing to use ineffective marketing strategies is like having no strategies at all. Review all techniques and determine which are most successful. Do more of what is working and eliminate what is not. Keep the business moving forward by tailoring the approach to the customer base. Add new techniques on a regular basis to keep things fresh.

This constant attention to marketing allows the business to remain both relevant and competitive. People will think of your business first and mention it to others. The website will continuously top relevant search results lists and traffic will increase month over month. What started as a way to earn extra cash for retirement could become the most lucrative career of your life.

Are You Ready for Financial Independence

Whatever online business opportunity you choose, make it a promising one. The best endeavors provide opportunities for financial independence, something each of us deserves. By finding the correct program and effectively marketing it, you can create future wealth, even if you have no previous experience. Time is ticking so the sooner you embark on the path to creating wealth, the better!


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    • BusinessTime profile image

      Sarah Kolb-Williams 

      7 years ago from Twin Cities

      Great resource! Voting up!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This is a great hub. We all deserve to be financially independent.


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