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Creating Passive Income, Your Money Making Website Blueprint

Updated on February 8, 2012

The internet is still growing, and there does not seem to be an end in sight. Each year millions of web pages are added and created to buy, sell, inform, and entertain. If, you aresearching to get into a web business, you need to start soon.

The biggest hurdle that people seem to have an issue is overcoming the thought that it is too complicated, cost too much money, not worth your time or any number of reasons they can come up with. But, this is far from the truth not only can it be a money generator you have an open world to sell to, buy from, or inform.

Many people are surprised by the facts that it does not take a lot of money, technical knowledge or time to get a website up and running. I’ll try to explain some of the ins and outs of creating a place of your very own where you can buy sell or inform the world about what you are most passionate about.

Setting up a website:

a. Decide the Topic

The very first thing that is needed is to create a topic. Many people choose a topic they are familiar with. Some choose hobbies or areas of expertise they have been in for many years.

b. Domain:

Once you have settled on a topic the next step is to register a domain. There are a lot of unique ways to spell domains so if you initial one is not available. Try to keep it simple and on the topic of what you are discussing about.

c. Find a host

There are many hosting companies out there that range from free hosting all the way to hundreds of dollars a month. Somewhere in between that you will find the perfect hosting company. I recommend that you stick with a small but manageable plan that has enough disk space, bandwidth, and unlimited data to keep up with a new and growing site.

d. Create your site:

Many hosting companies use a terrific program called site builder it is essentially a complete install wizard that walks you through a step by step in creating a website. In less than an hour, you can be on the World Wide Web selling your product or service.

e. Add unique content:

People love content of all kinds from videos, music, writing, and creative with a mixture of them all. The more information you have on your website about the product or information on are giving to the world the better. Higher traffic and a solid reputation on the web will start to build as it grows.

So, How Do Websites Make Money?

There are many types of business ideas that can grow with any number of websites. But, most people do not know how to start generating income from the websites they have built.

Advertising: the easiest way to make money on a website is to advertise with any number of PPC advertisers. It works simply when someone comes to your site searching for specific information that you have. When they get to your site, they read your content and notice somewhere on your it’s a little box that offers more information or a product. They click on that little box, and you get a small percentage of the advertising cost into your PPC account. Websites are in general selling going to read your valuable content, and advertisers are seeing that as a push to get them to their website where they can offer another product. This works on the same basis of affiliate accounts.

There are literally thousands of different types of advertising techniques and areas you can explore. It will not flood the gates with money but with enough persistence, unique content and enough traffic it will get a neat little passive income stream for now and in the future.


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