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Creating a Successful Fundraising Program

Updated on April 18, 2016

Fundraising for Big Bucks


You've got a dream to start a charity. You've got inspirational pictures, you've written out plans, you've set goals and your ready to register and get started! How exciting it is to start a new venture! Congratulations! Wait, you don't have any money? That might be a stumbling stone. Then it's time to start a fundraiser. Do you think you might want to sell candy, Tupperware, peanut brittle? Will one of these fundraiser programs work?

  • Olde Westport Spice Co.
  • Essante Organics
  • Fundraising Golden Harvest Fruit
  • Sales
  • Tupperware
  • DeerRunGreenery
  • Two Fundcraft Publishing
  • Little Caesars Fundraising Program
  • Fundraising Companies Three
  • ABC Fundraising
  • G&R Publishing MorrisPressCookbooks

No, those aren't going to cut it? You're right, you're an adult and this venture is going to take some series cash. Charity raising is going to take a serious fundraising program.

Raise the Money

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Selling peanut brittle is not going to work for raising the kind of capital you're going to need.Golf Outings are good money makers.Pancake breakfast are super for bringing out families and everyone has a good time.
Selling peanut brittle is not going to work for raising the kind of capital you're going to need.
Selling peanut brittle is not going to work for raising the kind of capital you're going to need.
Golf Outings are good money makers.
Golf Outings are good money makers.
Pancake breakfast are super for bringing out families and everyone has a good time.
Pancake breakfast are super for bringing out families and everyone has a good time.

A Volunteer Team

This charity venture and fundraising program is going to take an organized committed team. Start by talking to those closest to you. Meet one on one with close family and friends. Spend some quality time with them and have a well thought out sales pitch prepared. Have documents and pictures prepared and ready to show them. This is the time to really put your heart out, and yet don't be to overbearing or needy. Present this as something your doing with or without them but you would really love them to support you in a specific role as well as financially. If they aren't interested ask them to invest some time into thinking about people they know who might be interested in your venture. Start building your team, each with assigned roles. Your team may only be two or three people from the start including you who wears 45 different hats. But don't worry the more you get out there and people become aware of you the more you will grow.

Marketing Plan

While you're building your team you also need to construct a marketing plan. Market to anyone and everyone for sure, but you want to focus some time, energy, money and resources toward a select groups of people, business's and other non profits. What people in your community can you target first and then later what people across the globe can you target? Who do you know that gives to similar type charity? Who are the people who think like you, have your passion? Where do the go, what do they attend, what do they read, what forums, social media sites do they comment on etc? How can you get a hold of them? Once you reach some people talk to them in person over lunch, coffee at your home etc. If they are interested then that's a win for you and if not then thank them for their time and move on to new targets. It amy be that just because they said no early on does not mean they will always say no. Court them over time if you think they might come around. Do the same for business's and similar non profits. Who has been sympathetic to your cause in the past? Who supports similar activity or quite frankly known to support anything? Start with companies that you know support something and see if they might bite for your cause. If not ask if they know other business owners that might be interested. Your goal is a foot in the door then you can open it all the way or close it when necessary. But you need a plan to follow. Random shots in the dark really won't work. Not in a constant basis that your fundraising program requires.


Your team is coming together and you're starting to gain some financial pledges. This is going great! Time to push that momentum forward and get the power of the public behind you! Think of public awareness events and campaigns that will raise funds and get the word out. Black tie events, social media crowd funding, hold rallies, parties, social gatherings, afternoon tea, the possibilities are endless. Fun events that get families out are super. Just such an event might be a pancake breakfast, a themed carnival, movie night, etc. For smaller crowds you can host a dinner party, art raffle, golf outing etc. Do whatever you have to make your fundraising events successful so that not only will you raise the money but people will remember you and will come out next year or to your next event. You want to create repeat offenders, but in a good way. Momentum building is key for not only launching but lasting charities and fundraising.

For more on this and other types of fundraising ideas please see:

Very Good Video Full of Insight

What Programs have worked for you when raising money?

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