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Credit Card & Debit Card Template

Updated on May 11, 2011

Best Credit Card Designs

I know some of my regular readers might think this hub is a little low on content but I just thought a credit card template does have an artistic link to it and therefore makes it more fun than the hundreds of spam articles about credit card interest of how to apply for a credit card.

Since I know that World of Warcraft has around 10 million users and many of them are fanatics about the game, I thought it would be good to start my 'best credit card designs' hub with the series of card designs in the photos directly above and below this capsule.

If after reading this hub you wish to design a card, the best website for credit cards online I found that offers this service is called Serverside group, type this into Google if you wish to visit them.

Photo courtesy of ivanwalsh

As you can see there is a wide selection of the Warcraft characters so you choose the one you play as and own your own personalised credit or debit card to show your commitment to the game!

Photo courtesy of ivanwalsh

Jelene is an Illustrator/Graphic Designer I came across on Flickr, she has taken the 'design a card' to the next level and asked for her own trademark credit card design to be printed. Talk about individual!

Photo courtesy of jelene

Here is a great personalised credit card design that I also saw on Flickr, I liked the fact that they have taken the Internet Explorer 'E' and included the client's email address at the bottom. It seems to be from a creditor situated in New York city, perhaps it is specifically for online transactions.

Photo courtesy of affiliate

Some creditors offer a free credit card, the above company 'Friend Bank' might be one of those. I have never seen this cartoon pirate before but the quirky catchphraze 'I'm captain Toothpaste' made me laugh, I know there is a pirate called Pugwash or was it Mouthwash?

Photo courtesy of coryschmitz

I am not saying this lady is vain, but for all the self obsessed people out there, why not get your photograph printed on a debit card? At least you know its definitely yours this way.

Photo courtesy of adultpetite

I think Amazon is a great place to shop online, at least you know you are not bidding on something that differs from the photograph like on Ebay. I also make many product hubs for Amazon and I think you would be a member of the elite with one of these Visa cards in your wallet.

Photo courtesy of mujitra

I know there are many cat lovers on Hubpages, SteveNix is one of them. Getting your cat's photo printed on a credit card will remind you that they need that tin of Whiska's when you get home from work!

Photo courtesy of erocsid

The above card template is in fact not a credit card at all but a McDonalds reward card, however I thought I would include the photograph because it gives a good example of what an 'Avatar' character would look like on your card if you choose your own.

Photo courtesy of Aranami


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