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Credit Card Fraud

Updated on January 4, 2011

All Credit Card Companies are Fraudulent

(Fraudulent , obtained, done by, or involving deception.) That definition seems pretty straight forward to me.

Credit card companies are fraudulent because they paint a pretty picture of what its like to have a credit card and buy something on credit. When the real deal is after dude buys something on credit he is really screwed because he has to pay more money that he doesn't have.

If you ask me the whole credit card industry is full of crap. All they are basically doing is creating a line of credit for you in your name. Then when you use your line of credit they charge you interest. If you miss a payment on your line of credit they up the payment and interest rate.

I know you signed the contract, I signed a few myself. In the long run none of the credit cards helped. I suppose some idiot will try to tell me that I didnt manage my credit properly.

Ok This important!



I know there are a few people sitting at their second jobs right now because they have to pay their credit card payment. I am also betting that they just love their work. I think that is great. Did you use your credit card to buy your lunch? So your paying 24% on the sandwich Huh? Interest on food! What ?

Ahhh Priceless Right!

You try to go out in society and sell the moon to everyone then give everyone a pile of shi**

Lets see how far you will get.

Credit Card companies have been delivering more piles of shi* than a manure spreader.

This is exactly what credit card companies are doing. Selling a false life style and I say its fraudulent. How many dam people do you know that are in trouble because of the credit card crap? Come on? I dont know anyone that isnt except me and the homeless guy on the street.

Where is your priceless moments now?

I think that you are getting the point.

Do you see how credit card companies are destroying homes and families by pumping their BS pie in the sky lifestyles. Do you see how they are totally destroying what was once America? Do you think if we all lied to our children about using credit responsibility that they will also have all the priceless moments also.

Yes they will and yes they are.

Look around you, people are not happy any more they are in debt up to their ears working like slaves. Their homes have less value then when they bought them and most bought them on credit.What a joke some people paid for years and have no equity? Wow that was a good investment.

There are no magic solutions to fix your in indebtedness.

Use logic. Stop using the credit cards. Stop making someone else rich ;-)

Create your own priceless moments that have nothing to do with the lies of the Credit Card companies. Can you even imagine a life with out credit cards, you wont need another job to pay the interest on your credit cards and you can actually spend time with your family.

Dont be a victim of fraudulent credit card companies any more. Cut up you cards!

Is this you?


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  • profile image

    Marcella Glenn 7 years ago from PA

    Thank you for the useful hub.