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5 Credit Cards Debt Relief Solutions - How To Consolidate Credit Card Debt On Your Own and With Help

Updated on December 9, 2013

Life is good. We have a great home, take family vacation and enjoy fun weekend dinners and getaways without a worry. Families go on spending sprees while never knowing how their financial future is being affected over time.

This has been the weekly and monthly scenarios for millions every day. Then when it's already too late we begin spending more than we bring in for the month. Our credit limits are exhausted; just to start with the next lines of credit, then finally we have nowhere else to turn and have to share with our families that we are in trouble.

Being able to grab a credit card and buy the items we need and want have gotten into so much financial troubles. Blind spending without a plan is detrimental. There is so much more credit card debt than ever before with job loss all over the country in addition to blind spending.

It seems the more we stress, the more we shop. As long as we have access to credit we go further into debt, not because we don't know better, but because it feels good while it last and may be the only source of income. Many have no choice but to continue to spend if they have no other means. As long as the cards are active, spending will continue. A terrible cycle continues.

Trying to get your head above water........

The best thing to do is forget about the pride of being in your profession. I see so many people that can't find a job, but really they just won't consider a lesser job than they are accustomed to.

We have to leave our pride at home and become real men and women to survive the downward financial spiral we are on. Getting jobs they think are beneath us are closed minded thinking. We have taught our children how to climb into debt, now we have the responsibility to teach them how to get out of debt.

Head of households use to take great pride in providing for their families and would take two and three jobs to make ends meet and send their children to college. Today many feel ashamed to work at fast food restaurants, customer service clerks, car wash attendants etc.

I say get rid of the pride and get that job. If your spending have gotten you into trouble, making extra money and paying off your debt will slowly get you on track. Of course this will not be over night and you certainly did not get into credit card debt overnight. Drastically changing the way you respect money will change the way you spend, earn and save over time, hopefully saving your financial future.

Jobs to consider for extra money

  • Cashier
  • Customer Service Clerk
  • Car Wash Attendant
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Party Clown/Magician

Quick Courses For More Money

You can take very inexpensive courses that enable you to qualify for different positions for less than $200 at and to change your financial standing. You can go to government work programs to help with your education such as One Stop. Check with your individual state.

  • Bartender
  • CNA
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax Course
  • Dental Assistance

Give you self a hand! You are on your way to becoming debt free!

5 Ways to Consolidate Credit Card Debt On Your Own and With Help

When you have tried everything to get your credit card debt in control it may be time to get professional help. Stay away from companies wanting you to spend large sums of money to get you out of debt but by promises. There are many using our misfortunes to build their own financial empire.

  1. Work an extra job to help pay off debt at a faster rate, this way you will not be stretching your regular income any further. You can also have yard sales and sell at flea markets. There is no limit when you become creative to pay down your credit card debt.
  2. Debt Settlements can be made with your debtors. It is not common to settle a debt for a agreed upon one time payment to eliminate a debt. You can get advice from a debt relief consultant.
  3. Debt Relief Consultants understand that there are many different approaches to relieving debt for different situations and households. You can find one at nonprofits such as National Foundation for Credit Counseling or the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies that offer debt management plans. tells you how to choose an honest agency to work with. When you learn a strategy to get yourself out of debt and control your finances, it is highly unlikely for it to happen again.
  4. Debt Consolidation Loans are hopefully low interest personal loan to pay off your credit card debt. You will save hundreds or even thousands on interest and make one payment a month to repay the loan. However, if you have not made the necessary changes in your life. You don't want to end up making smaller payments with more interest on the back end, so pay your debt up early.
  5. Transfer your credit card balance to the card with the lowest interest and make payments way above the minimum to catch up. Paying the minimum balance is a never ending trap and should be avoided. The faster you pay the debt down the less interest is added to your remaining balance.

You have learned how easy it is to get into debt and how hard it is to get out of debt. But what you have never learned is how to prevent it from never happening again. Managing our finances is a skill every person running a household or holding a job should know.

Do what you must to make decrease and eliminate the credit card debt you've acquired, but in your journey to positive finances. Remember that learning how to manage your finances is what will keep you out of debt in the future. Good Luck and hopefully this credit card dept solutions hub as help in some small way.


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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 4 years ago

      Thanks for your comment pratoocool. Yes, a creditors business is to collect a debt or sell their accounts for lump sums of money to collectors. Our job is to protect ourselves the best way possible through negotiations and sometimes that means getting out of the debt we owe and hopefully growing from the experience.

    • pratoocool profile image

      Neha 4 years ago

      Useful hub you written Darlene.

      I think, When the credit issuer feels that a particular debt may turn bad, and the debtor will not pay up, either due to inability or other issues, the best way open to the creditor, which might be a bank or a credit card company, to opt for debt settlement with the debtor.

      In this, the creditor might have to forego quite a large part of the outstanding credit, yet getting something back rather than zero, through negotiation may be the only solution. The primary motive here is to safeguard the credit issuer’s financial bottom-line.