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Credit Check Agencies

Updated on April 6, 2012

A Bogus and unreliable system.

Just recently I was asked to do a personal credit check using the three top credit agencies. I wanted to do this for my own information because I was told that some employers judge you by looking at your credit reports.

After looking at two of the credit agency reports I am not happy. I am quite sad in fact that I am now here on hubpages preparing to destroy the credit of these agencies and their unreliable practices. Their dishonest claims and methods as well as their purposefully frustrating communication techniques that are meant to frustrate you and allow them continuous access to your account.

Know what I'm talking about? I bet you do.

There are some basic things I noticed like each agency had my birth date wrong. They have me two years younger than I actually am. Not a big deal? It may be when a potential employer is looking at whether or not I am an honest person.

You see, the problem is that employers and agencies are treating the information provided by these supposedly respected credit check agencies as gospel. This is not fair at all because any source of information about me other than me is inherently biased and unreliable.

On top of the wrong birth date there were closed judgements against me that I had no idea about. I had no idea where they originated from and never received any notice that I was having a judgement against me at all. Now, a possible means of defending your credit against these sort of bogus reports is paying these BS agencies to keep you on alert about any changes to your credit, right? Wrong. This is where I am really offended.

You mean to tell me I have to pay some faceless organization to watch my credit, keeping secure all of my vital information in the meantime, in order to protect myself? No. I refuse. This is my information therefore it is my right to access this information any damn time I feel like it. Anyone else who wants to look at my info should have to submit a fee, sure, that makes some sense.

Or perhaps it is more vital to me as a free citizen to keep my information completely protected from outsiders. I don't think anyone should be able to see my credit information at all other than what my score is at the time. What damn business is it of any potential employer what debts I owe or what judgements have been made against me? Why should this have anything to do with whether I am hired or not? This elitist mindset is just one of the reasons why we have a huge employement issue today. Whatever happened to real jons and hiring people on their own merit?

Now we are treating everyone as if they are unwanted criminals no matter who they are or what they're work record is. I don't know about you but I am real flippin' offended by this. My most recent job was a 15 year long extravaganza that went out of business in the face of the screwed economy.

In my efforts to find a new job it seems that means less than nothing to potential employers. I don't get why. What is it I need to do to prove I would be a good and reliable employee? Certainly I hope that my bogus credit report had nothing to do with me not getting any one of the hundreds of jobs I have applied for in the past 17mths. This would not only be frustrating it would also be the sort of thing that disenfranchises a person. The sort of thing that makes a person turn against his own country because of bogus standards created by an unrealistic 1% rich portion of the nation.

Let me get back to the issue at hand.

Each one of the big three credit reporting agencies, you know who they are, offered a 7 day free trial at the end of which you would either begin paying a monthly fee or you would have to cancel your membership before they begin charging you. This is a joke.

To sign up for the service you only need to go online and sign up. Easy. Want to cancel? Well then your going to have to call us up and speak to someone who speaks broken english, give them all of your vital information, sorry if i sound racist but I do not like giving my social security number to anyone let alone some dude who sounds like he just got off the boat from Puerto Rico. Yet, I did it, because if I did not they would begin charging me 16.95 a month. Although when I first signed up this particular agency said it would be 4.95, the pending charge on my account was 16.95. Liars liars liars.

So, here is when I realized its all a scam. A scam, mind you, that is backed up and reinforced by the government because there are so many things that require credit checks. Do you see big brother sticking his nose in this and regulating it in order to protect us? Hell no. They do not care about the little people who might have minor credit problems. They only care about who is going to be slipping them a few extra bucks on the side so they might overlook a few details.

When I called another agency to cancel my trial membership guess who answered the phone? You guessed it. THe same off the boat jack ass that I spoke to in the other agency. At the third agency I spoke to a young woman of clearly Russian origin and she did not ask me my vital info over the phone. Why did one agency need me to do that and the other did not? Aren't they all the same anyway? Did I give my info to an untrustworthy individual?

I fear I may have and that individual works for two of the big three as a customer service. He has access to all of our info free of charge. You, now you have to pay for that info. Yes, that info about you!

Correct me if I am wrong but this is a load of crap!!! Something needs to be done here. Everyday folks are literally required to stick their necks out and trust in perhaps the most dangerous and volatile time in our economy. Say what you want about the great depression. They didn't have computers then and no one was going around stealing people's identities.

Ever see that movie, Walking Tall. Only the original film related the true impact of what the big man with the big stick was trying to relay. Time to go get your stick Americans. Let them know we aren't going lay down for this nonsense any longer, and when they flash their degrees and dangle those diamonds in front of our faces, Smash them right over the freakin' head!


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    • nybride710 profile image

      Lisa Kroulik 5 years ago from Minnesota

      I agree with the above. The actual free reports are at You can get one once a year from Equifax, Transunion and Experian.

    • profile image

      DMartelonline 5 years ago

      That isn't the credit reporting agencies scamming you it's a credit "protection" agency. Read the FTC website at the REPORTS are free once a year.

    • Lizam1 profile image

      Lizam1 5 years ago from Victoria BC

      I agree with you 100% I don't know how this industry has become the be all and end all of our lives. The really frightening this is that now countries can be affected by this process too. Most people want to pay their debts and many of us end up with bad credit because of illness, job loss etc. etc. This industry is corrupt and you're right the governments don't give a dman.