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Credit Scores Affect Many Things

Updated on January 28, 2010

Credit Scores Affect Many Things...


Did you know that your credit score affects more than just your ability to obtain credit? Today, credit scores can determine the interest rate you pay on your credit cards. The ability to purchase or refinance a home is severely impacted if you don't have a minimum credit score of 680. Your insurance rates will be much higher if you have bad credit. You may not be able to qualify for a job in the finance sector if you can't demonstrate that you, yourself have the ability to manage your finances. Landlords routinely evaluate your credit to determine if you are a good risk to rent to. If you are able to find someone to rent to you, then you may be faced with a high deposit with the utility companies, if you have a low credit score rating.

Today, more than ever, managing your credit report is one of the most important factors of your life and can have a huge financial impact on your pocketbook. You're perceived to be a higher risk when you have a bad credit score, and therefore limits your options, or hits your wallet in many areas. Now is the time to pay attention to exactly what affects your credit scores, and what you can do to increase them with some simple awareness and change of habits. A good credit score is going to save you thousands of dollars in the course of your lifetime. Check your personal credit on a regular basis with a free credit report supplied by to ensure there are no erroneous errors showing, and if there are, be sure to dispute these right away. This is a simple way to increase your credit score rating immediately.



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