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Credit cards Fraud and protection

Updated on March 25, 2014

Do not give card robbers a way to rob you.

We often go to a supermarket and stand with our credit or debit card in a queue to offer our card to be swiped for the purchased goods .You never know that a person behind you is taking a photo of your card with his mobile .The next day the thief starts ordering things online,and at the end of the month you get a billing statement saying that you have used the full credit limit on your card and you get mad because you have been robbed off your money .

Protection from this theft could be done if you register for sms facility with the bank whose credit or debit card you hold so that you can immediately come to know if any purchase is made on your card and you can instantly call your bank and block the card before a big damage is done.(I often get a call from my bank to confirm that I have made the purchase or not and then the money is released and for debit card there is a use of pins that helps to protect your card)

Never give away your expired cards to your children to play ,they may leave them at places where the hands of the card thief could reach and you will never know.

Sometimes when we are away and our newspapers and other posts keep piling up at our door it makes thief suspicious that we are away .Sometimes among that pile there are credit card statements which gives away your card information and could prove fatal for credit card thief.

The advice is that ,check your credit card and bank balances at least once a week as the thief can bring a lot of damage by the time yo get the statement (even sms facility is quite handy in such cases)you may go green and get your statements on your email id.

The danger is that thief could duplicate the magnetic strip with a cheap machine and cause damage to you

If a bill doesn't show up in time ,please take action as there could be chances of your statement being stolen .

Be careful when you discard your unwanted papers ,sometimes it is seen that we discard the previously approved credit cards ,applications ,old bills ,expired credit cards ,bank deposit slips and also crumbled up job and loan applications that hold all your personal information .

If some times you see something sticking out from the ATM slot ,simply discard that ATM,it might be a skimmer,that a thief has attached to capture your card information and pin.

Always make it a point that you call the banks that pre approved your credit cards and tell them to stop calling and sending posts related to them.

Make sure that the credit card you use has your picture over it ,it becomes difficult for credit card thieves to misuse your cards (generally it is seen that stores never think about checking your signature )

Previously debit cards did not have pins ,that made robbing your money easy but now when you have PIN it becomes hard for the thieves to rob your money.

Sometimes fake phone calls to call centers or mobile service provider and the shops you buy your stuff innocently leak your information if the caller is tricky in asking the information for example (A Person calls and says "I have paid this bill,and Iam getting second reminder or so please check which card I used can you please read the card number back to me and the person on the other side is trapped.

It is easy for hackers, if you use debit cards instead of credit card because you can reuse and charge the banks for credit card usage but if the database of debit card is hacked and broken into. You loose your money by online transfer of money and you are left with nothing to do.

Check with your bank that which courier they use and make it sure that cards are hand delivered ,because if the cards are left at your door step or mail box the numbers could be robbed and used .

Technology is improving day by day but all good has bad associated with it ,so we just have to keep high alerts so that we do not give way to be fooled .

Note- destroy all you important papers in a shredder-machine this will keep you safe from your information getting robbed.


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    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 6 years ago

      Aris,We all should be aware of the kind of fraud that card thieves can do ,otherwise we could be fooled and looted.

    • Aris Budianto profile image

      Aris Budianto 6 years ago from Lying along the equator Country

      Useful hub, thanks for the warning, you're right, so many thieves wandering around us these days. Vote up.