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Cut Your Shower Time In Half

Updated on June 18, 2013

I just googled the average shower time of Americans, and I got very differing answers. I most agreed with 10 minutes. That's ten minutes of your life that you could be doing other things. Not to mention, save on your water bill! I'm listing a few tips for you because they work for me. My family has recently began cutting costs at home, and it is nice to have a lower water bill! My main motivation, however, is the amount of time gained from a shorter shower. I have a one year old, so I need as many extra minutes as I can spare throughout my day.

First off, I firmly believe in multitasking. I get in, wet my hair, apply shampoo, wash my face, then add the soap. I wash it all off at once. Days when I shave are a little longer, but not by much. Same concept, plus I throw a razor into the mix! I have even added a shower brush that I got from the Dollar Store. The handle is one of those where you can put soap in it. I saw on pinterest where a great shower cleaner is Dawn and vinegar, so that's actually what I put in the scrub brush. So...that's right. I clean myself and my shower! It's really not that weird I swear. It actually ensures that everything is pretty clean. You're already in there anyways!

I have recently started listening to music in the shower. I love it. It's so wonderful! After I've turned on the water to heat up, I find a good song to listen to. I wait until I hop in before I play it. My goal is to not take any longer than the song I've picked. It doesn't count if you pick glam rock or anything else that's really long! Sometimes, it doesn't happen, but I've noticed that 3 out of 4 times, I'm done by then! So that's about four minutes in the shower. Nothing to be super proud about, but trust me it's a MAJOR improvement. I used to use the shower time as relax and let the hot water run out time. Not good now that we've moved into a tighter living situation.

I'm going to mention something that's super obvious for some, but maybe not for everyone. When you're rinsing off the soap, start at the top of your body. You don't want to start rinsing your legs only to have more soap drip down. You also don't want to start drying your legs first for basically the same reason...dripping water. You got that right?

I've read some articles that suggest using only cold water...yeah, I suppose that would speed things along AND save on your water bill. Go for it! I'll keep my four minute shower thank you!

The absolute most helpful thing for me has been playing a song. It's like a race. I'm kinda competitive, so this works for me. Here's a link for someone who takes a shower in 60 (yes, 60!) seconds or less. This is more for people saving on their water bill, and not for people looking to save actual time.

If you have any suggestions that aren't listed here, please comment! I'd love to know what I'm missing.


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    • nancynurse profile image

      Nancy McClintock 5 years ago from Southeast USA