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DFAS/VA Pension Cash Advance

Updated on August 21, 2011

DFAS/VA Pension Cash Advance

Advance Pension Cash Advance DFAS/VA

Emergency cash for many can come from a variety of places. Ideally, if you own a DFAS or VA pension plan you’ve got an emergency fund perhaps where you never thought to look. Those in need of financing after retirement who do not have other significant assets offer an unfortunate illustration of having a need for emergency cash. The result often leaves retired pensioners viewed like all other unqualified borrowers, and can make the "golden years" not so golden.

If you're a pensioner who has tried borrowing against their pension, you know what we're talking about. Well there is an option that many find to be helpful, and most types of pensions are eligible, including corporate (public & private), civil service (including all levels of government), such as VA,VSI, and DFAS military pensions qualify. This is a unique option for many military and other pensioners that have the potential of solving cash emergency needs.

There's a certain type of pension cash advance service which a financial company advances lump sum cash from pensions when needed. To be clear, this is a pension buy out cash advance which is not a pension loan. It is a pension lump sum cash advance that a pension holder can receive upfront and put to work without delay.

Many qualified retirees do not know that they can sell a specific portion of their pension income stream in exchange for lump sum pension cash advance to cover an unexpected life event or even finance a life opportunity. Moreover, there is no credit required to process the pension cash advance. Borrowing money from traditional financing sources withouthaving the required collateral as security and good credit for a loan can be difficult for anyone.

Retirees having to weight their options concerning acquiring an early pension cash advance in lite of a current economic crisis unveils critical decision making challenges. Should one take matters in their own hands acquiring early pension cash advance of their pension and cure an emergency cash need rather than risk the possibility deepening the financial hardship.


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    • profile image

      Nelson 16 months ago

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    • profile image

      richard berg 3 years ago

      can i sell only 1/2 of my pension

    • creditcardcashnow profile image

      creditcardcashnow 3 years ago

      Many pensioners ask the question can i sell my military pension? And the answer is yes. Others are faced with a military pension divorce. It can be helpful to view dfas/va pension payouts as some sort of military pension chart or graph to determine payouts to determine military pension rates. military pension survivor benefits in many cases can be sold also upon verifications. Whether it's an Army pension, Navy pension, Air Force pension, or Marines pension they can be sold. Investors have to be concerned with military pension cuts when you seek to sell pension payments. Remember, this isn't a military pension loan, but you money in advance. Some pensioners ask the question "Can I sell my pension today right away?", well yes you can sell, but not right away. Can I sell my pension under 55? Yes. You must study sell my pension,sell my pension early,sell my pension plan, and sell my pension payments reviews closely.