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DFW Real Estate Entrepreneur

Updated on January 13, 2012

DFW Real Estate Entrepreneur

Dallas Skyline
Dallas Skyline

William Gerlach-DFW Real Estate Entrepreneur

Hello! I am William Gerlach, otherwise known as the DFW Real Estate Entrepreneur! I am an active real estate investor buying property all over the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex! My team of realtors, investors, brokers, have extensive experience in the residential and commercial real estate markets. Being creative in today's market is one of my strengths and advantages over your traditional investor. My team and I have over 50 years of investing experience in the DFW Market.

I invest in all types of deals ranging from:

Short Sales



Single Family Residential


All types of commercial

Wholesale deals


Hard Money Lending

Private Lending

Defaulted paper

Large Pools

I work with a team of professionals from who have helped teach me real estate investing and helped to coach and motivate me to take my DFW Real Estate Entrepreneur business to the next level and help me grow exponentially as an investor (both Active and Passive in investment.

If you have a deal that you would like DFW Real Estate Entrepreneur to evaluate, wholesale, or lend on, email me at!


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