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DIYs and Garage Sale Finds

Updated on June 22, 2016

5 Inventive DIY Projects from Garage Sale Finds

It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas. It's Garage Sale Season! (So basically like Christmas for some of us).

What some might find to be a useless old pair of crutches, others see as a repurposed book shelf! Take your garage sale finds & get creative folks!

Here's 5 inventive ways to use your awesome garage sale finds!

Shutter Magazine Holder



  1. Cut out every other slate using a Dremmel (or pop them out with a hammer).
  2. Sand, prime, & spray paint the shutter.

If you're going for a more vintage look, distress your shutter. There's tons of DIY projects you can do with old shutters, so if you see these while garage sale-ing, make sure to grab them!

Story Canvas



  1. Tear out the pages of a book.
  2. Arrange the pages. Make sure the pages hang over the canvas to cover the sides (you may need to cut some pages to fill in small gaps).
  3. Glue down the pages to canvas with Modge Podge & a paint or sponge brush.
  4. Smooth out pages with your hand & wait for glue to set.
  5. Use brush to apply a thin layer of Modge Podge to the entire surface.

To avoid bubbling:

  • Let it dry for a minute, then place canvas face down on a sheet of wax paper.
  • Place a book inside the frame of the canvas (frame not included), & then 2 more books over the whole canvas (frame included).
  • Let it set for 20 minutes, then peel off wax paper.
  • If you still have bubbles, let it sit on a flat surface over night.

This one is fun because you can use any book you want: a children's book, a piano songbook, your favorite novel, newspaper pages, calendar pages, old CD covers, ect.!

Rake Wine Glass Holder



  1. Break off the handle of the rake.
  2. Use twine or ribbon to wrap around the top or tie a bow.
  3. Use 2 nails to hang it on the wall.

This one is super easy & cute! If you want a more clean look, paint your rake to match the room you put it in.

Recycled Vase


  1. Drink a delicious Frappuccino, or use any desired jar.
  2. Clean out the Frappuccino bottle or jar.
  3. Place a small line of Tacky Glue at the top of your bottle.
  4. Place end of twine in glue, this will be the "back" of your vase, & let glue partially dry so that it starts to hold (do not let glue dry completely).
  5. Wrap twine or hemp rope approximately 5 times (or enough times to cover the glue spot).
  6. Keep twine tight as you wrap.
  7. After 5 wraps, smooth out where the extra glue is with your fingers.
  8. Add another drop (or line) of glue & continue wrapping & smoothing (approximately every 5 wraps).
  9. Repeat glue, wrap, & smoothing until bottle is covered.

It's super easy & cute, & you can use any glass bottle or jar for this project. This is also a great idea for wedding table center pieces!

Tire Play Place


  1. Clean up a tire that is no longer being used (or use new tires).
  2. Paint your tires using Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover 2x spray paint (optional).
  3. Let the paint dry & then add a clear coat of the same brand of paint.
  4. Secure tires together (if stacking), using 3 bolts, nuts, & washers.
  5. For toy box - cut out 2 circular pieces of wood that are slightly bigger than the hole of the tire.
  6. For chair - can use 1 piece of wood for the bottom, or none at all.
  7. Paint wood pieces as desired & secure 1 piece of wood to the bottom side of tire (the side that touches the floor).
  8. For chair - add a cute cushion.
  9. For toy box - set top piece of wood on top of tire (add a handle - optional).

My Latest "Garage Sale Find" Project

Last, but not least, my new project, an antique school desk! We have been too busy to get started on this project yet, but here is the hidden treasure that we picked up at a garage sale a few weeks ago! We plan on creating an art station for our daughter, while keeping as much of this antique desk's vintage flare as possible!

Which project are you most likely to try?

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    • lindacee profile image

      lindacee 18 months ago from Arizona

      My favorite is the magazine rack and, of course, the wine glass holder! Recycling and upcycling are great ways to keep the stuff out of our landfills. :)

    • Chatty Chat profile image

      Cindy 19 months ago from Planet Earth

      I love these ideas especially the story canvas.