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Updated on June 7, 2015

Subliminal messages, be aware of them!

I read somewhere that brain washing is not exclusively applied to “war prisoners”. In some way, we are all brain washed everyday, somehow. The truth is that our society, is being gradually manipulated, or more like it, persuade, into a join collective behavior, in order to keep all of us...on track. Funny, maybe that's why sometimes I feel like a LEGO character, going back and forward from work, being at the stores shopping during the Holidays, and just going with the flow, like if someone was telling me what to do, in every aspect of my life.

For example, we grew up under the concept of being perfect citizens, which is good! However, no one is perfect, and if it happens that we slip under economically, and our credit goes down the drain, then we become more like: "undesirable". Sometimes, we are treated more like a criminal, than like someone who is just going through a very bad financial crisis.

We are not good for the economy, because we are not the ideal consumer anymore. No credit, no acquisitive power, and therefore no contribution to the desired money spending for the economy to grow.

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a big department store, credit card on hand and feeling an uncontrollable desire to spend money? Then when you get home, and you finally snap off the shopping spree, you realized that you spend more than you planned to. And most of the times, you don't even need half of the items you bought. No, you are not some kind of shopping frick, or an irresponsible shopper, you are just part of a collective mind, designed to extract the last dollar out of your pockets.

Subliminal messages, for example, have been the most common method of persuasion, or better called manipulation, in order to achieve success in commerce. This is what the experts in this subject have to say: “Many authors have continued to argue for the effectiveness of subliminal cues in changing consumption behavior, citing environmental cues as a main culprit of behavior change. Authors who support this line of reasoning cite findings such as the research that showed slow-paced music in a supermarket was associated with more sales and customers moving at a slower pace. Findings such as these support the notion that external cues can affect behavior, although the stimulus may not fit into a strict definition of subliminal stimuli because although the music may not be attended to or consciously affecting the customers, they are certainly able to perceive it”.

So, in other words, you are not just imagining things, there is an exterior urge to spend that money, that don't have.

However, mind manipulation, does not only target shoppers, brain washing is an old technique, which has affected millions of people for centuries. It has been used by dictators, cults, goverments, and even church. It starts with the denial of our own identity, in order to integrate individuals into a collective mind, to serve only one purpose: power.

The power that targets only one goal: complete control. As crazy as it sounds, it is happening right now as we speak. We are all being redirected to think alike, to share everything, and to raise our kids to work “as a team”. I'm even afraid to talk about this, because I might be braking some law I am not even aware of. All I know, is that at my 53 years old, I feel guilty if I think differently than anyone else.

Our identity is being erased silently and forever. I remember years ago, there was this sweet feeling of freedom floating on the air, like a white cloud over our heads. I felt like I could trust everyone, and that my life was..mine! And correct me if I am wrong, but the first tool to control someone, is to deprive that individual of an economic stability. You work more, you spend less time with your kids, you are worried all the time about bills to pay, and you have this chronic question mark over your head, about the uncertain future for you and your family.

Living within your means, is not always easy, especially when you have kids. Advertisement is a great field, but when all your hear is what is the best thing to buy, and how much you “need” it, then you realize how much those commercials with happy faces, are affecting your kids expectations.

I was at a store the other day with my 16 year old son, looking for a pair of shoes for him. Not to far away from us, there was poor mom trying to convince her teenage daughter to get a pair of an "unknown brand" pair of jeans for school. Every time the mother would ask her why didn't she want the pair of cheaper jeans, the girl would reply: “Everyone wears those mom! I want to look good too!” So in other words, the brand name was the popular thing to wear because of the advertisement? The answer is YES. And how many times we even see adults spending the money, they don't have, just to keep up with “The Johnsons” when is about purchasing the latest TV model, or cellular phone, or a car! Does this make any sense?

When I was a child, my parents were always tide in money. We were 7 kids, and we used to “inherite” the clothes from the oldest sibling, to the youngest one. My parents gave us everything, and I admire them for that. However, when it was about spending money, my parents had a rule: “Make believe that you didn't get that raise in your pay, and do not increase your spending”. They used envelopes for everything: the mortgage payment, utilities, food etc. And there was always an extra envelope which read: “Other”. That last envelope, they never touched.

And from that one, they either used the money for vacations, or emergencies.

I am glad they did! Today, I am a single mom, and the only income supporting my family, and although I am always drowning in this economy, like every other American, I must say that I have learned not to subdue my common sense, to any subliminal messages. I cannot afford to be brain washed! And I try my best to remember, that I am not a part of any “collective” mind, I am just..ME.


It gets to a point where we are nothing but a gigantic human mass being commanded to move here and there through the media. Initiative is nullified and gradually we lose the authenticity we were born with. Like a horror movie! The only way to escape from this is to recognize us as individuals, perfectly able to separate our entity from the "crowd", so we can meditate about our own and unique existence. Despite the efforts of this society to integrate all and everyone of us to a collective mind, we need to differentiate ourselves for who we really are.

Start by identifying what we really like, not what everyone else thinks is "cool". If you best friend enjoys but you just hate it, don't do it! And just because you friend love to go to a bar on Friday night, you don't have to go too when you know how bad you dislike it. I you enjoy staying home listening to classical music and reading a book, just do it! You don't have to seek for others approval to be happy.

Pleasant others, is good to a point, however remember that the first person you need to please in this yourself.


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