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Daily Note Buying Tip

Updated on March 29, 2011

A Message From The Note Guy

I hope that you find this somewhat daily, note buying tip, video blog helpful in your real estate investment business.  I've found that for my own investments, buying non performing notes is the way for me to capitalize on both residential and commercial markets all across the United States from sitting in from of my computer without facing all the other headaches that other investors find.  Please take a moment to watch the videos and the other blogs attached to this blog and leave me a comment or two!  Thanks for stopping by!

Scott Carson

aka "the Note Guy"

Stick To Your Guns

Making Offers on Notes With Equity

Performing Due Diligence with No Docs

Note Marketing Websites

Don't Wait For Private Money To Do Deals

Never Have Investors Directly Give You the Funds

Online Sources To Help Your Raise Private Money

Knowing What Investors Expect

5 Points To Remember When Talking To Private Investors

Raising Private Money-Private vs Hard Money

Raising Private Money-Shifting Your Mindset

Goal Setting

Your Team-Accountability Partner

Your Team-Real Estate Attorney

Your Team-Realtors

Your Team-Title Company

Be Ethical

Only Buy 1st Liens!


Timeline of a Note Deal

Get the NCND Signed

What Options Can You Offer Homeowners

Don't Waste Time Calling the Big Boys

Performing Due Diligence on Apartment Notes

Change Your Mindset

Using to Find Values

What Type of Notes Should You Buy

Only Accept LOI's and HARD POF when Selling Notes

Daily Note Buying Tip-Perseverance

Don't Buy A Note You Don't Want To End Up Owning The Property On

Daily Note Buying Tip Day 4-Take Action

Day Three Tip-Don't Overpromise

Daily Note Buying Tip-Be Specific

Day One-Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

Cashing in when there is blood in the street!

Check out the article below.  This is a great article discussing how 2010 numbers "skyrocketed" by 79% on commercial backed securities. The article discusses how hotels saw the most improvement in delinquencies by dropping to 16.73% in delinquencies. Apartments had a nice increase in delinquencies up to 14.38%. This means that there is more opportunity to pick up defaulted apartment and hotel loans in default.

As far as areas of the country, states such as Nevada and Alabama had the largest amounts of delinquencies with Nevada having a 28.99% delinquency rates. I guess Crimson Tide fans and gamblers were counting on a Tide repeat in Vegas! :)

The West had the largest increase in defaults while the East had the lowest amount of delinquencies. What does this tell you as a note investor? Buy west of the Mississippi as you will find plenty of defaults and those notes in the East might just get gobbled up quickly!

Great Article on Chicago Vacant Homes due to Banks Dropping the Ball

This just goes to show you that banks will walk away and would be glad to sell the notes on many properties or short sales because they will get more out of the deal instead of letting the homes "rot" to death or be servicing released.  Red Flags can spell Real Opportunities if you know where to look!  This is why I like Chicago!  Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of bad properties, but if you can buy the notes at the right price, you can cash in and either hold the property, complete the short sale, or flip it for quick cash or hold as a rental.  Being a note investor with multiple exit strategies is one advantage that banks just don't have the capabilities or the resources to do.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great hub. I certainly need to take the time to learn more about notes.

    • profile image

      Dan V. 

      8 years ago

      Hey Scott, Thank you for taking time to develop these awesome videos. I look forward to you sharing recent success for yourself and We Close Notes members. Cheers!

    • profile image

      Ken Duhon 

      8 years ago

      You guys keep it real and that's what i like. Dealing with honest human beings like Amber & Scott makes me feel successful already. Scott i just love the blogs and free coaching you throw in as well. Thanks Scamber :)

    • profile image

      Lionel Hilton 

      8 years ago

      Love it guys this will help me great idea.


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