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Dairy Queen Coupons

Updated on September 5, 2013

This page is a resource for Dairy Queen coupons.  Learn how to get coupons for Dairy Queen and where you can find them.  Dairy Queen is an ice cream and fast food restaurant chain with over 5,700 locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and abroad.  They offer everything from burgers, fries and hot dogs to ice cream, blizzards, and cakes.  There are several ways to save on your food at Dairy Queen using coupons and special offers.  Read on to learn how to get coupons for Dairy Queen eats and treats. 

Dairy Queen Coupon Sources

Get 6 buy 1 get 1 free coupons for blizzards when you join the DQ Blizzard fan club. The sign up link can be found at the top of the Dairy Queen website. Get dollar off printable coupons sent to your email. The fan club is free to join and will provide you with Dairy Queen coupons all year long.

Find promo codes for Dairy Queen on participating products such as Oreo cookies. Enter the coupon code on the Dairy Queen website to get special offers.

Follow Dairy Queen on Twitter and Facebook to be notified of new promotions and special offers. They often post events that are happening at Dairy Queens across the country.

Look for DQ clip out coupons and coupon booklets in local mailings. Also look for DQ coupons in the ads section of the Sunday paper. Make note of expiration dates and participating locations for where the coupons can be used.

DQ Commercial with Mary Lou Retton


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