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Danish taxes

Updated on May 28, 2009

The type of cars that will become cheaper

Danish tax authorities recently changed the regulations surrounding taxes on registering new cars. Our taxes are the highest worldwide. Over a certain amount (which is "only taxed" 105%), the price of the car when imported is imposed a 180% taxation. This causes Danes to pay for 2½ cars when they buy ONE car.

Envy taxation

Human greed knows no limits, so luxury 4*4s are taxed much higher now because they want to avoid people registering them as company cars. Even though cars can be used privately if a maximum of 25% VAT is paid.

If and when you work on sundays, you run the risk of being stopped and checked just because of envy taxation and a presumption that YOU must be the one who's wrong.

Most people would think we were talking of a dictatorship, but alas. This is "civilized" Denmark.....

The "environment serenade"

They say they changed the system for the sake of the environment, but the missing link is that you are estimated by an average usage of petrol ratio - not by how you ACTUALLY drive.

We have some environmental drivers who can in fact get 30-40% more mileage per litre of petrol - but they will pay the same yearly taxes as a little smart guy who just got his drivers' license. Not fair at all, but who would ever claim Danish taxes were based on principles of fairness?


If Environment Was Important

If our environment was so important as politicians claim they would long ago have looked at bio-fuels instead of keeping the oil companies busy. We need to realize that some bio-oils pollute less than 2% of "normal" diesel...

So if environmental issues are at the core of a society, people would focus on POLLUTING LESS rather than PAYING MORE when the extra money isn't spent on cleaning up the environment anyway. THAT is the one truth many Danish politicians won't discuss 'cause they know it's a shameful fact that environmental taxes have been spent on many things that have nothing to do with cleaning up.


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    • h_blunck profile image

      Henrik V Blunck 8 years ago from Kalundborg - Denmark

      Let me add that we have had a change in Prime Minister since Anders Fogh Rasmussen was announced as new Secretary General of NATO. Lars Løkke continues the system where claims are made that income tax is reduced, but this happens mostly for the well-off people.

      In the lower end people are suffering as never before. Ever since the crisis started many have become unemployed and max-social benefits have caused some to lose unemployment benefits. Truly a nightmare for those hit by this...