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Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University Overview

Updated on June 19, 2013
Rather than breaking the bank, use Financial Peace University to help get your finances on track.
Rather than breaking the bank, use Financial Peace University to help get your finances on track. | Source

What To Expect from FPU

Thinking about taking FPU but not really sure what to expect? As a recent "graduate" of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, I wanted to share a high level overview of what to expect with FPU. Like most things in life, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

What is FPU?

FPU, or Financial Peace University, teaches people the basics of handling money. Through videos teaching, class discussions and interactive activities, students change their relationship with money. The 9-week course is designed to give you the foundation to reach your financial goals, from getting out of debt to building lasting wealth.

Prices may vary throughout the year, but typically cost about $99. Courses are held in small-group settings with weekly meetings, often at local churches and community centers. Your instructor and fellow students will help guide you on your journey, no matter where you are in your financial story.

Why Take FPU?

There are a lot of reasons to take Financial Peace University. Here are some of the common reasons for taking FPU:

  • To take control of ones finances
  • To learn about investing
  • To understand budgeting and how it can help one reach his or her financial goals
  • To get out of debt
  • To change one's relationship with money
  • To get on the same page about money as one's partner
  • To leave a lasting financial legacy for one's family, church and community
  • To learn how to build wealth

For me, personally, I took FPU as a way to grow financially and leave a lasting financial legacy for my family and church.

4 Main Elements Of FPU

Financial Peace is truly a journey. Thankfully, there are four main elements of the program to guide students on this journey.

  • Teaching - Each week there are fun and engaging video lessons featuring Dave Ramsey and his teaching team.
  • Workbook - Members are given a workbook the first week that walks them through each lesson to supplement the classroom learning.
  • Class discussions - Students go through the course with others, allowing for challenging group discussions and activities.
  • Online resources - FPU Central offers a vast collection of bonus resources that students can access.

FPU Welcome Kit

On your first day of class, you are given a welcome kit fool of tools to help you maximize your learning.

  • Progress poster - to remind you of where you are and where you need to go
  • Audio CDs and case - listen to the teachings even after the class is over
  • Membership ID - to access the online materials at FPU Central
  • Pencil, eraser, sharpener and bookmark - simple tools to get started
  • Member workbook - to follow along for the weekly lessons
  • Budget forms folder - a place to file away your forms
  • Free lesson tickets - pass these tickets out to anyone you feel could benefit from FPU
  • Complete Guide To Money (book) - This book tracks along with your workbook
  • Envelope system - Dave's easy-to-use cash management system

Baby Steps

FPU is centered around 7 baby steps

Your Personal Financial Success

The FPU program is divided into 7 baby steps, starting with saving a thousand dollars to building true wealth

While the class itself is only a 9-week commitment, your financial journey will take longer than that. The class is just the beginning. Each person moves through the baby steps at their own pace. For some, getting out of debt can take years. For other, they may be starting the class with $0 debt. No matter where you are on your journey, FPU can help you reach your goals.

I finished the class about 2 months ago and I am still writing my financial success story. If you are contemplating FPU, I encourage you to take the plunge and start your journey to financial peace.


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