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Updated on September 16, 2014

Hitting a Brick Wall - For Bailiffs & Debt Collectors

In Debt and Worried

Debt, and owing money to a company, organization, corporation or business, is becoming more of a problem with the poor state of the economy of low income, struggling to earn and fluctuating costs of living, for so many folk unfortunate enough to get caught up in such dire financial matters, especially here in the UK.

And For Anyone Reading This Post – Stating:

‘People should pay their debts because they have used the debtor’s services!’

And you are correct to think like this…

But let me remind you that even though you may be in a prime position financially, right now, with no such burden of debts; anything can happen to any one of us, and all of a sudden, too; and maybe, through no fault of your own, you are thus targeted for a negative financial matter – it does happen, and to good honest hard working folk, believe me it does.

The Next Step

The next step is that you may suddenly be harassed for owing money to someone else. And you will be pursued relentlessly, experiencing first hand all the stress and sleepless nights that worry brings, not only to you, but also the loved ones surrounding you, too - the heartache and negativity resonates over to them.

And when you do resist your debt because you feel something is not correct, in this matter, you may feel intimidated when bailiffs and debt collectors finally knock on your front door, to collect money, or remove goods or clamp your car, in payments of the debt, if you have not the money, demanded, plus their costs to pay them.

Did You Know?

Did you know that debt collection agencies, & bailiff companies, mostly are independent third parties, and will often purchase your debt from the company, organization, business or corporation, which your debt is owed to.

Because of intimidation, threats, and poor code of conduct experienced firsthand by many residents in one particular area of South Wales, from bailiffs and debt collection agencies, there is a new breed of cause in the communities of Cardiff, which is being set up, titled Community Reporters Observing Bailiff Activity, where upon further research, new member Leprechaun, has unfolded some interesting information indeed.

His Theory Suggests:

That your debt is purchased by the debt collection agency, or Bailiff Company, maybe for the fee of around 5% of the total debt cost; then the bailiff company or debt collection agency will add on their own costs and fees, which are usually high and unjustifiable.

He argues that:

When the nasty phone calls, or demanding letters do arrive, or even when the bailiff or collection agency knocks your door; Leprechaun will state to them:

That so called debt no longer belongs to me, mate, because you have purchased the debt from the original debtor (and he may thank the bailiff or debt collection agency wholeheartedly for them taking on his said debt.)

Furthermore, as much as he has been in contact and trying to pay back directly, to the original debtor, but unsuccessfully, a weekly or monthly fee that he can afford, with bare money left for food and bills; he cannot do so now because that said company, organization, business or corporation, no longer possesses his debt, so how can he correspond, and so pay them?

How Are We Doing?

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Who Owns The Debt?

And if the bailiff or debt collection agency should tell him that the original debtor is where the money is owed to, and they are working on behalf of the original debtor. He thinks this a lie and will tell the bailiff or debt collection agency to leave his property as he is trying to sort out the debt with the original debtor, and not with them, as they may now claim the debtor is not them. Therefore, the debt collection agency or bailiff have no right being on his land and pestering him for they are only a third party and his so called debt has nothing to do with them.

Furthermore, he also states:

‘To claim said debt is to be in contract with another. A contract or agreement is signed by both parties (you and me) and I have not signed any agreement or contract with you (the debt collection agency, or Bailiff Company) I do not owe you anything, as you claim. You are but a third party that has purchased the debt from the original debtor. Show me my signature which I have signed to agree with your contract, and I will gladly comply with your demands.’

Furthermore, he argues – the simple law is:

‘If you purchase something that you say belongs to me, it does not belong to me anymore. I am not liable as you so claim; I have no obligation as I do not owe the debt. Instead, you purchased the debt. It is all yours now!’

In Summary of this article and its theories:

1: The bailiff or debt collection agency purchased the debt.

2: The debt purchased now belongs to the bailiff or debt collection agency.

3: No contract or agreement was signed, so therefore it is no longer your debt.

This post is ongoing and will be updated regularly. Please input your experiences, ideas and thoughts in the comments box below

Many regards, Dale Ovenstone 2014

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Undercover Debt Collector: Secret Recording


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      4 years ago

      Interesting post on a subject that needs more coverage in helping people to eliminate and understand debt procedures. My neighbor does collections for a living and she would agree with your thoughts on this I'm sure.


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